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DEFICIT: Time to abolish student loans

If there is anyone out there who believes that even half of the trillion dollars the U.S. government has underwritten for student loans will ever be repaid, that bridge in Brooklyn is still for sale.

At a time when our country is so hopelessly in debt that bankruptcy is not only possible but likely in the not-too-distant future if we don’t begin to reign in spending, a good place to start would be the student loan program. And, since we will be honoring our veterans on Monday, maybe it is time tell high school grads that if they want the

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ECONOMY: We keep asking the wrong questions

I was bemused but vexed when I read the Stephen Stromberg article (TNT, 6-8), “Even at 6.8 percent, student loans are a good deal.” It made me think about how we are asking all the wrong questions these days.

Student debt has reached more than $1 trillion, exceeding credit card debt, and it cannot be forgiven through bankruptcy. Costs of college have skyrocketed for the past two decades, and while the value of the education might be great, it is totally the wrong question to ask whether the loans are a good deal.

They are another good deal for

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COLLEGE: Extend low rate for student loans

Re: “White House sees an opening in the student loans battle” (TNT, 4-24).

As a college student who has many student loans, I can’t imagine having the interest rate on my loans double to 6.8 percent, especially since I have at least three more years of college to pay for and will be taking out more student loans I’m sure.

I strongly agree with legislation that would keep the interest rate where it is. Otherwise, fewer people will be able to afford going to college and therefore will lack good education, leading to low-paying jobs and a higher likelihood

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COLLEGE: Is it time to rein in student loans?

Unfortunately, when many of the graduating college students walk across the stages as “Pomp and Circumstance” is played this year, along with their diplomas they will also be handed a bill for student loan charges. How much? About $25,000-plus on the average (some much higher). What a way to begin life after college: broke, unemployed and deeply in debt.

How else could young people make it through school? Well, there are several ways, including the G.I. Bill, scholarships and, of course the now somewhat old-fashioned, outdated method of working summers, weekends and part time while attending school, and foregoing things

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