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GUNS: Retaliation for letter is revealing

Earlier this year I wrote a letter to the editor about those gun nuts who think they can take on the U.S. government with their semi-automatic weapons. I suggested that they band together and take on a Stryker brigade at Joint Base Lewis-McChord and that my money would be on the Army.

In retaliation I have been receiving subscriptions to gun magazines that I did not order. I would like to thank whomever has done this for validating my premise that gun nuts who think this way have an intellect no greater than that of a fourth-grader. And if

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JBLM: 9th Infantry would be a better fit

It was great news to read (TNT, 4-27) that a division headquarters will once again be assigned to Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Veterans of the 7th Infantry Division should be pleased.

However, I think a better fit for JBLM would have been the 9th Infantry Division. The 9th ID shares 20 years of history with Fort Lewis and was the senior unit on post prior to the reactivation of I Corps.

Further, in the 1980s, the division – serving as the Army’s High Technology Test Bed and evolving into the Army’s only motorized infantry division – laid the foundation for the

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