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MEDALS: Don’t politicians profit from lying?

Re: “Military can catalog WWI bombs but not medals?” (editorial, 8-6).

Although I do not advocate lying under any circumstances, I have to agree with the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision that lying about receiving military awards is protected free speech. I believe there was a similar ruling a short time ago, with the court affirming the right of politicians to lie during political campaigns.

The editorial says there is an effort under way to make it illegal to profit from lying about military decorations. And who exactly will define what “profit” is? The politicians who habitually lie and

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MILITARY: Too costly to research valor awards

Re: “Military can catalog WWI bombs but not medals” (editorial, 8-6).

It would be time consuming and expensive to research all military records to create a reliable data base for valor awards. And to what extent will the database be able to verify all statements? It would be insanely difficult.

Since it is a First Amendment right to tell any falsehood, when pertinent I suggest those concerned should contact the National Archives. Under a Freedom of Information Act inquiry it is public information as to the claimed service person’s branch, dates of service, final rank, assignments, valor awards and

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