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GOP: To stop being ‘stupid party’ is an admirable goal

I’m not quite sure what to think of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s recent speech. On one hand, I loved the part that said the Republicans “must stop being the stupid party.” Unfortunately, the rest of the speech indicated that he, too, was in need of some educating.

For example, Jindal’s America:

• Relegates women to the lowest form of human life – following men and the unborn. Denying women the right to make their own medical decisions is the worst form of tyranny.

• Shoves gay people back into the closet by denying them the right to marry whom they

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OIL: System based on greed, smoke and mirrors

Re: “Investors key to soaring oil prices” (TNT, 5-15).

Well, duh! It doesn’t take a degree in economics to see how stock market investors are likely to be the ruin of our country and the world’s economy.

This smoke-and-mirrors, greed-based, something-for-nothing system has come to accept “futures trading” and “speculators flipping” as normal business practices. Unfortunately there is big money involved, so fixing it is unlikely.


TAXES: The wealthy should be made to pay

On Oct. 11, a front page article featured taxation as seen by two wealthy men. Why?

No one believes the United States or any state could exist without taxes. The economic distress we’re currently experiencing was not caused by too much taxation. Nine years ago there was a major reduction in taxes, benefiting mainly wealthy corporations, soon followed by a massive increase in governmental spending financed by massive borrowing.

Then came he collapse of the real estate and financial industries through poor business practices bordering on criminal activities. This led to a drop in the stock market threatening the profits

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