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PUYALLUP: Mayor doesn’t realize he isn’t funny

Hats off to those Puyallup City Council members who stood up in public and made Mayor John Knutsen take responsibility for derogatory comments made to a city employee (TNT, 7-17).

As usual, Knutsen shrugged it off as just a joke, or an attempt at humor like that once used by Jerry Seinfeld. What is the difference between Mayor Knutsen and Jerry Seinfeld? Seinfeld is funny. Oh, and it was television, not real life. Wake up, mayor. The reruns are over.

Having sat through many Tuesday nights on the dais listening to then Councilman Knutsen try his best at being

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PUYALLUP: Taxpayers are on the hook for Vermillion

Arrogance and bad behavior are costing Puyallup taxpayers their hard-earned cash. Taxpayers will be paying for a private attorney to defend a city councilman in a lawsuit as a consequence of his refusal to hand over public records (emails) regarding city business.

At-Large Councilman Steve Vermillion’s refusal to comply with state law to hand over 52 emails has landed the city in Superior Court. Washington’s open public records law is not simply a “suggestion.”

Last August, Vermillion taunted the public during a council meeting, stating that if they wanted his emails, they would have to sue him. The cost and

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PUYALLUP: City Council needs fresh voices

The News Tribune editorial board got it right when it endorsed Heather Shadko and Julie Door for Puyallup City Council (editorial, 10-17).

I would have liked to see Corry Glucoft endorsed as well for the District 1 council position.

The editorial did note that her opponent consistently aligns himself with council members Rick Hansen, John Knutsen and Steve Vermillion. This foursome has created a troublesome majority, a lot of dissension and uncivilized behavior on the council.

Glucoft would bring a fresh voice to the council, with new ideas and vision for the city. The TNT referred to Glucoft as

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PUYALLUP: Vermillion breaking campaign promises already

In an email received through a public records request dated Jan. 29, 2013, Puyallup City Councilman Steve Vermillion discusses how he campaigned on preserving agricultural land.

Around this time, citizens were being ridiculed for their concerns about the possibility of the recreation center being sold, with some even being described as vigilantes by one councilman. This is a quote from Vermillion’s Jan. 29 email:

“If the city were to sell the current rec center property for good value, I would like to see us obtain the property north of east Pioneer and east of Shaw Road Bridge for a rec

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PUYALLUP: Ex-council member educates the public?

Re: “City Council meeting soured by email debate” (letter, 8-20).

My attention was drawn to an online comment by Nicole Hilton-Martineau, a former council member.

She began by stating that “we tried to pass rules of decorum” and continued with “Knutsen and Hansen wouldn’t support it.” She admitted that she also voted against the measure. By her attempt to place blame on John Knutsen and Rick Hansen, she ignored the fact that six of seven council members voted against defining rules of decorum for citizens comment during council meetings.

Apparently still upset over her loss of the at-large council

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PUYALLUP: City parks now on the right path

Now that the Puyallup Parks Department saga seems to be complete, I would like to take the time to thank those involved who contributed to its positive outcome.

Puyallup now has two major assets on its hands thanks to this process: a thorough, transparent study of the Parks and Recreation Department done by city staff and a strong, knowledgeable parks director in Sarah Harris.

This process that was undertaken was not easy. Rumors about the demise of the department and city parks only increased its difficulty. That is why I would like to thank City Manager Bill McDonald for undertaking

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PUYALLUP ELECTION: Vermillion’s the best choice

At the last council meeting, Nicole Martineau voted to pass the first reading of a comp. plan that calls for cluster housing and five- to six-story buildings in downtown River Road area. At a campaign forum she stated it is time for Puyallup to change direction.

Steve Vermillion won the Silver Star in Vietnam for flying his medical evacuation helicopter into enemy fire to save injured and dying soldiers. Now it is time for him to drive his car to a seat on the Puyallup City Council and help save the City from those who would change it into Bellevue.

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