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ELECTION: GOP PAC misstates Green’s record

Who is the Good Government Leadership Council, and why is it lying about 28th District state Senate candidate Tami Green? It makes it sound like she’s against education, saying she’s repeatedly voted to cut education funding.

The group references votes between 2009 and 2011 when the state’s finances were in the toilet due to the extreme recession we all experienced; all were related to the biennial operating budget or supplemental operating budgets.

Every area of the state had to reduce spending because there was no money. In the last two years there were 189 votes in the House dealing with

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ELECTION: O’Ban has clearer grasp on middle-class priorities

Even in such a high-pressure state Senate race, it’s great to see such amicability between state Sen. Steve O’Ban and state Rep. Tami Green.

A few points Green brings up in a recent Washington State Wire article cause me to smile, however. For instance, she clearly defines her priorities, labeling them as “middle-class priorities,” including “green stuff” and clean air. While neither of those is a bad goal, they are hardly the most important needs for the average voter.

In contrast, O’Ban’s priorities are much more in line with middle-class concerns; Green herself lists his as “smaller government, lower

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ELECTION: Candidate doesn’t control special interest ads

Re: “Mudslinging starts early in Senate race” (TNT, 5-18).

The News Tribune’s bias is showing, not to mention your unprofessional, inflammatory style of reporting. The basic context of your front-page article is that Republican candidate Steve O’Ban is personally trashing Democratic candidate Tami Green.

Your use of words and phrases such as “attacking,” “hit piece,” “mudslinging,” “Democrats need to pick up (more seats)” and “Republicans… would like to win” is appalling and offensive. You failed to make it clear that O’Ban personally had nothing to do with this alleged “attack” on Green.

Political action committees are not always in

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PIERCE COUNTY: Where are the quality jobs?

Re: “Pierce County jobless rate up to 8.3 percent” (TNT, 5-26).

We are happy to support Joint Base Lewis-McChord, partly because military bases create jobs for the community. My state senator, Steve O’Ban, tells us that the Defense Department contributes more than $14 billion to the economy. Great! But where are the jobs?

We know that the huge area JBLM occupies does not pay property tax, nor do the commissary services charge state sales tax, so there is no contribution to the state or local budgets on that score.

The Employment Security Department report on the jobless rates states

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ELECTION: Disgusting hit piece on O’Ban opponent

I’ve met Eric Choiniere, candidate for state representative in the 28th District. He seems like a nice young man, sincerely concerned about effective legislation in University Place, a little rough around the edges, but has commitment.

I had not decided for whom I would vote until today. A “hit” mailing arrived from an unidentified Kirkland group called “Change Olympia” blasting Choiniere’s early personal life. It’s the kind of dirty. last-minute political attack that should not be tolerated.

Choiniere’s opponent, Steve O’Ban, should be above such tactics. I am so offended and insulted by this mailing that I shall vote for

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ELECTION: Steve O’Ban supports the Constitution

How many voters are at all knowledgeable of the Constitution of the United States? My guess is not enough.

In recent years, many of our politicians seem to consider that document an obstruction to their cause and therefore choose to ignore it or lobby to change it. The age-old axiom of be careful what you wish for was never more relevant. The unintended consequences of ignoring or altering the constitution can only lead to eventual losses of our basic freedoms.

We have an opportunity to correct the damage by voting for politicians who support the Constitution as it was written.

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ELECTION: Teachers go too far in attacking O’Ban

As a former teacher I am embarrassed and disappointed by the virulent nature of the teachers’ union ads against Steve O’Ban. The teachers should engage in open civilized debate and discussion instead of a smear campaign. Is professionalism lost to union pressure?

The fact behind their attacks is that O”Bans successfully represented before the Supreme Court a large group of teachers who didn’t who didn’t wish to be forced to give money through dues to support campaigns and candidates not of their choice.

Our teachers should be allowed by the union and peers to think and vote freely. Diversity is

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ELECTION: O’Ban for union accountability

The teachers’ union hacks are spewing their visceral hatred of Steve O’Ban on this page because his expertise in protecting the First Amendment rights of teachers led to the defeat of the WEA before the US Supreme Court, forcing labor unions to get consent before spending non-members’ fees on political activities.

What a crime–forcing a union to get consent to use money that was given to them by non-member teachers who might not agree with the union’s political activities! And this, as one writer whined, is “suing teachers”? What a ridiculous exaggeration against an impeccable husband and father whose own

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