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LEGISLATORS: Retouching common with photos

Your feature article (TNT, 5-25) on legislators’ wrinkles, while interesting, hardly belonged on the front page. Front-page placement implies that vanity is the largest issue of our time at the state level.

As a practicing portrait photographer with many business and government clients, I feel compelled to agree that retouching in Photoshop is routine except in passport photographs. It’s the finishing step to a portrait. The key word here is “discretion.”

I remove stray hairs and fly-aways. I routinely lighten lines and pouches under eyes – lighten, not erase. I lighten teeth and make them more even in tone.

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TACOMA: Purchase would boost habitat, recreation

The City of Tacoma has a special opportunity to protect an important natural area by purchase of open space in the southwest corner of the South Tacoma Wetlands Conservation Area, near South 52nd and South Mullen streets.

The city has applied for a Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program grant to acquire additional property in this habitat corridor to offer public access and relaxing recreational opportunities for city residents.

The addition of this property to the Wetlands Conservation Area will protect wildlife habitat for a significant variety of native species. It will also provide a unique educational setting where schoolchildren can

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MARRIAGE: Kirby failed to show leadership

State Rep. Steve Kirby, D-Tacoma, states that he voted against same-sex marriage, because he’s a representative (TNT, 2-10). Does that mean he is not a leader but just a mouthpiece?

His campaign website says he is “one of the most influential voices in the Legislature.” When the chips were down here, just who did he try to influence?

Look, I like Steve; he’s a good Democrat and there for working people when it’s important. But he needs to lead or get out of the way.