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PUYALLUP: Hastings and McNutt have substance

As I listen to all the accolades about who’s the best candidate for the Puyallup City Council, I can’t help but remember the old Wendy’s commercial: “Where’s the beef?” Which candidates ahve genuinely contributed the most during the time they’ve been involved in city service and will continue to do so?

The Planning Commission, a citizen volunteer group, is frequently a training ground for City Council candidates. Since there are three commission members campaigning, just look back and see which commissioners really contributed to the tasks they were given. Or you can easily go to www.cityofpuyallup.org/puyallup-on-demand to hear who consistently

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PUYALLUP: Support Hastings, Hopkins, McNutt

Puyallup has righted the ship in the last 18 months as a newly elected council started pounding away at our city debt ($107 million at its highest, down to $60 million now), started auditing city departments to eliminate waste and improve efficiency (the city now has money to fund Tier 2 projects), and has freed the city from frivolous and wasteful lawsuits.

We need to keep this momentum going on Nov. 5. The candidates for City Council who will continue to move us forward, not turn us back to the free-spending, lawsuit-earning days of Kathy Turner are John Hopkins (District

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PUYALLUP: Candidates need fiscal responsibility, transparency

Two needed qualities from our Puyallup City Council candidates include financial responsibility and transparency in government. We learned at the League of Women Voters Forum this week that two candidates are lacking in both of these areas.

Candidates Steven Hastings (District 2) and candidate Chris McNutt (District 3) both admitted that they have filed a personal bankruptcy in the past. Yet both argue in the voters pamphlet how well trained they are at fiscal responsibility and how they are qualified to manage our multimillion-dollar city budget.

The ability to be transparent in all actions is sorely needed within our City

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PUYALLUP: Elect Hopkins, Hastings and McNutt

On Nov. 5, Puyallup citizens will have the opportunity to elect three new members to the City Council. Since I live in District I, I will be voting to re-elect John Hopkins for and helping Steve Hastings and Chris McNutt with their efforts to win seats in District II and District III. And here’s why.

I’ve been following the council meetings and member voting intensely since 2005. I’ve witnessed the good, bad and ugly. But for me the most important issue has always been how each member votes on each issue.

During Hopkins’ last two years on the council, he

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PUYALLUP: McNutt and Hastings show leadership

During a recent Planning Commission meeting, Steve Hastings and Chris McNutt put forth the idea of adding an economic development chapter to the Puyallup’s comprehensive plan. After some discussion, McNutt called for a vote, citing the need to get working on it within the current update cycle. The rest of the Planning Commission supported the move unanimously.

This kind of leadership through action makes a strong statement and is among the qualities we need in our local leaders. Puyallup will be in good hands when they are elected.

Please join me in supporting McNutt in District 3 and Hastings in

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