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STALKING: New law will help protect victims

This Saturday ends a three-year pursuit for a better way to protect those who are stranger stalked, like my daughter Jennifer Paulson. Gov. Jay Inslee will be in Tacoma at Birney Elementary School at 11:30 a.m. to sign the Jennifer Paulson Stalking Protection Order Act. All are welcome to attend.

When this bill goes into effect, it will separate stalking from anti-harassment orders; therefore, the criminal justice system hopefully will place the importance all the state legislators placed on protecting the stranger-stalked. This may require extra effort on the “systems” part to learn about and know the perpetrator in order

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TACOMA: Purchase would boost habitat, recreation

The City of Tacoma has a special opportunity to protect an important natural area by purchase of open space in the southwest corner of the South Tacoma Wetlands Conservation Area, near South 52nd and South Mullen streets.

The city has applied for a Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program grant to acquire additional property in this habitat corridor to offer public access and relaxing recreational opportunities for city residents.

The addition of this property to the Wetlands Conservation Area will protect wildlife habitat for a significant variety of native species. It will also provide a unique educational setting where schoolchildren can

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VOTING: Poll voters miss Rosa Franklin’s influence

On March 4, the state Senate debated a bill that effectively ended poll voting in Pierce County.

When the Legislature began this year, I had sent my representative, state Sen. Steve Conway, a letter informing him that I wanted to see poll voting continue in Pierce County. Not because I took pride in the fact that Pierce County was the last county in the state that allowed poll voting, but because I felt it was a time-honored tradition that should be allowed to continue.

Conway was one the of the senators voting to end poll voting. It’s ironic that he

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