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TESTS: Superintendents suggest that science doesn’t count

Re: “Biology test shouldn’t prevent students’ graduation” (Viewpoint, 5-28).

I agree with the superintendents regarding the need to end high-stakes testing. No Child Left Behind was more a punishment of schools and teachers than an incentive for education improvement.

But their analysis that somehow biology is unnecessary suggests that what students know as they enter the world of work is less important than the graduation rate. And then they as much as said that.

As a former science teacher in Tacoma, I can guarantee that students failing biology probably did not pass chemistry or geology and certainly not zoology,

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CPARK: Don’t let math keep student from graduating

Re: “Student to miss graduation over math test” (TNT, 6-17).

The state and Clover Park High School should explain to Ana Coronado why passing the math test is so important to her future, why she will not be a success as a citizen, employed and contributing to society if she doesn’t understand algebra and geometry concepts.

Explain to her in this digital world – where the answers for any math issue she will come upon in her lifetime can be found on her phone – why she has to know the concepts of algebra and geometry. Explain to her

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