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TRAFFIC: Speed demons plague state Route 16

I am getting tired of these idiots who drive 65 to 70 mph on state Route 16 east from the Jackson Avenue exit to Interstate 5.

The posted speed limit is 55 mph, then at Union Street it drops to 40. When I get to Union, I do about 44. These idiots come flying up my tailpipes and tailgate me until they can go around.

Something really needs to be done before someone gets seriously hurt. I almost got hit Monday night, and it seems to be worse in the dark as you can see them coming.

We need more officers handing out tickets

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SR 16: The ultimate fix is a little Darwinian

I’ve read with interest and much chagrin the opining of drivers about the eastbound state Route 16 Sprague Avenue exit. The photo accompanying a recent News Tribune article about the exit speaks volumes about “the real problem.” It’s The Skid Marks Stupid! Ironically, it’s doubtful those people leaving the skid marks learned anything from their harrowing experiences.

While I agree with the writer who said that it’s impossible to “moron proof” the exit, his letter stopped short of suggesting “the ultimate fix.”

Those drivers and their ilk who immediately christened the SR 16 exit with their

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SR 16: Why not add a flashing red light?

The Sprague Avenue exit ramp off state Route 16, the one with the serious accident just waiting to happen, would be made much safer with a simple addition: a flashing red light.

It appears that when the state Department of Transportation finishes that high-rise intersection in a couple years or so, it will include a stop signal because of crossing traffic. Why not add some large signage (Stop Ahead) and bold, flashing red lights to make the need to seriously slow down (stop?) more obvious?

It seems like a cheap way to keep someone from crashing through the jersey barriers

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SR 16: Sprague exit appallingly unsafe

I have read many opinions and comments in The News Tribune about the recent changes to state Route 16 and, of course, the dreaded Sprague Avenue exit. So I decided to check out the exit for myself as I was curious about all the fuss and wanted to see why people couldn’t simply follow the posted rules and navigate a section of roadway.

I had seen pictures of the skid marks on the pavement, knew the suggested speed limit of 15 mph, and was aware that I would go up a ramp and into a 90-degree left turn. It was

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SR 16: Off-ramp seems simple enough

Re: “Sprague off-ramp takes hit” (TNT, 7-8).

The Sprague Avenue exit off state Route 16 might be a little different, but it is not unsafe. Its clearly marked with a yellow flashing light and a few signs. Seems pretty simple. If you don’t want to hit the wall, then slow down.

Driving is a privilege. We need to remake personal responsibility the cornerstone of our country again. People complaining or hitting this off ramp are a big part of the problem in America. They are far too selfish to take personal responsibility for their life. Any decent judge would not

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SR 16: Let’s be more personally accountable

Regarding the letter about the Sprague Avenue exit off eastbound state Route 16 (TNT, 6-30).

The writer states that a driver cannot see the turn immediately and that when “you do see the turn, you are right on it and have to hit the brakes.”

There are a number of left-turn signs (complete with flashing yellow lights and arrows) displayed prominently approaching the turn. Simply paying attention to these alleviates any question about where the turn is.

The writer makes the point that this turn is dangerous as there were skid marks, paint marks and gouges in the jersey barrier.

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SR 16: Sprague exit should be redesigned

On Sunday I decided to drive the newly opened Interstate 5/state Route 16 intersection to see how it was. I was particularly concerned about the very odd-looking eastbound exit from SR 16 to Sprague Avenue.

Logic suggested to me that the “L” turn would be risky. As I made the approach to the Sprague Avenue off-ramp, I noticed right away that the sight line made the left turn impossible to see right away. And by the time you do see the turn, you are right on it and have to hit the brakes.

Since then, I took the Sprague Avenue

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ROADS: Choke point will just move east

Re: “Tacoma drivers rejoice over revamped SR 16 interchange” (TNT, 6-27).

Of course on a Sunday afternoon the project seemed a success. I say: “Not so fast with the rejoicing.”

We have all seen the worst traffic days, watched for years as this project has continued. When the second Narrows bridge was completed, it was like pouring rice into a funnel; eventually the choke point moved down to the state Route 16 intersection with Interstate 5.

Now with the completion of the westbound viaduct, the choke point is going to move to the southbound I-5/I-705 interchange just past the Tacoma

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