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SHOOTING: Procession a wise use of resources?

I take a back seat to no one on respect of the law. But the magnitude of the procession (TNT, 3-1) for Washington State Trooper Tony Radulescu, involving hundreds of police and State
Patrol vehicles, close to 100 miles through several cities, with local police involved in traffic control, seems overly excessive.

No question it was a tragic occurrence, but right now the state Legislature is considering cutting
school programs, eliminating safety nets and taking other necessary moves to bring the budget into balance.

Maybe something much simpler would have been adequate at this time for the

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NRA: Kill pro-gun license plate bill

A Washington State Patrol trooper is shot and killed on duty. A 9-year-old girl is shot at school. A person is shot outside a South End motel. And the Legislature is considering a law to allow “special” license plates for the National Rifle Association!

The lame excuse is money for safety training. However, that training money should rightfully come from license fees for hunting and weapons. The NRA is not a charity; it is a powerful lobbying group.

Seeing automobile license plates with the NRA designation will degrade the image of our state. To imagine the incarcerated felons making license

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TRAFFIC: Where is promised patrol presence?

When the state Department of Transportation reduced the exit from southbound Interstate 5 to state Route 16 to one lane, a story ran in the News Tribune quoting a State Patrol spokesperson as saying that the patrol would regularly provide “emphasis patrols” at the exit in order to reduce the number of drivers who dive into traffic at the last minute while others waited patiently in line to take the exit.

I travel this route every day, and I have yet to see the State Patrol position themselves to stop anyone. Car after car is nose-diving into the right-hand lane

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