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TACOMA: City policies discouraging commerce

Sadly, downtown Tacoma used to be a proud city with thousands of startup businesses up and down the streets. One street was fittingly named “Commerce Street.” Now the fastest growing businesses seem to be the ones that print signs that say “For Rent.”

The buildings of Tacoma are nearly 30 percent vacant. It would be even worse if State Farm hadn’t moved here. Would it come today?

What Tacoma needs is more businesses to come and fill up these vacant buildings. However, our city and its leaders are now making it more challenging. They are forcing employers to pay mandatory sick time and

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TACOMA: State Farm isn’t my good neighbor

While the City of Tacoma may have welcomed State Farm to the former Frank Russell building, it may have neglected to offer some housekeeping rules to the new inhabitants.

If you wander down A Street, past 909, you will find an alleyway overflowing with discarded cigarette butts and other litter from State Farm employees. Apparently State Farm doesn’t think it needs to supply its workers with a smoking area or clean up after its employees who choose to smoke in the alley.

Some will remember the jingle, “And like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” State Farm is here

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TACOMA: What’s really needed downtown

Re: “State Farm considering expansion in Tacoma?” (TNT, 1-21).

We spend a lot of time talking about supporting small local businesses here in Tacoma, and we hear a lot about the impact these businesses have on revitalizing downtown. I have friends who run small businesses, and I surely love supporting their businesses – eating and shopping locally.

But will we ever build a truly vibrant downtown Tacoma through small business? While I know many who will disagree, our time would be better spent if Tacoma spent as much time talking publicly about attracting major employers as we do about

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TACOMA: Former Russell HQ is an impressive building

I read with interest your article on State Farm as a potential occupant of the building that formerly housed Russell Investments in downtown Tacoma (TNT, 1-21).

As one who has worked down the street from that magnificent building for years, I appreciate its grandeur daily. What an entrance with its stairs and its fountain wall. From across the Foss Waterway one can see how stunning it looks in our city skyline. I’ve photographed it in the morning with sunlight splashing on its glass.

Yes, the building is Class A space with large square footage. Other buildings have those technical

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