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BUDGET: Thanks a lot, Gregoire voters

For all of you that voted for Chris Gregoire, I blame you for this $2 billion deficit we as a state are facing. In 2004, our state budget was close to $23.2 billion. Fast forward to 2009 and our state budget was $35 billion.

Seriously people, quit voting party lines and actually do some research on the candidates. No, we don’t need to raise taxes. What we need is people in office who are fiscally responsible and know how to balance a budget.

There were whistle blowers saying that this budget was irresponsible and that we would face a deficit

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TAXES: Will legislators learn from their mistakes?

There is now discussion about new taxes to help offset some of the budget shortfall that is projected for the state’s 2012-2013 budget.

Not too many years ago we had plenty of revenue from existing sources. The legislators and citizens saw this as an opportunity to create and fund new programs. Government spending grew much faster than inflation. We certainly didn’t want a multibillion-dollar savings account, so we spent it.

Now the economy is in the tank, and all of that money is gone. If we approve new taxes, is the Legislature going to put a firm end date on

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