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ELECTION: Troy Kelley best choice for auditor

State Rep. Troy Kelley has served as a legislator for six years in the 28th District. In the voters’ pamphlet, his opponent characterizes him as “professional politician.” His opponent wants to become a professional politician. He ran for Congress in 2010 and filed for Congress in 2012 before switching to run for state auditor.

Kelley’s opponent makes reference in the voters’ pamphlet to a fox watching the hen house. It now appears that Kelley’s opponent is the fox with his eye on the hen house for he was calling state employees in the auditor’s office soliciting campaign donations. Not too

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ELECTION: Kelley worthy of auditor’s office

The News Tribune editorial board has, once again, gotten it wrong in its endorsement of James Watkins for state auditor (editorial, 10-12).

His opponent, Troy Kelley, has represented me for six years in the House of Representatives and has done an excellent job. Kelley stands for open government and fiscal responsibility, where this paper has reported that Watkins will not disclose even one of his “150-plus performance audits.” The City of Fircrest, and municipalities across the state, have benefited from Kelley’s work preserving the Public Works’ Trust Fund.

I first heard about Kelley from Rep. Larry Seaquist, who gave

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ELECTION: Watkins is clear choice for state auditor

Re: “Allegations at center of auditor’s race” (TNT, 10-8).

According to the article, “Allegations surfacing from a candidate’s past have brought a higher profile to the usually sleepy race for state auditor.” We find out that “Troy Kelley’s time at First American ended acrimoniously with both sides accusing each other of wrongdoing amid a wrongful termination lawsuit Kelley filed.” Then the reader is informed that “people liked Troy and worked very hard for him.”

Unfortunately, this article doesn’t tell the whole story. Kelley denies the allegations against him, yet he paid an undisclosed amount to settle this suit for misappropriation

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ELECTION: Troy Kelley has integrity, honor

Re: “Accusations of theft, fraud dog candidate” (TNT, 9-7).

I was extremely disappointed to read the article you published about Troy Kelley. Your classless headline convicts him though the article eventually says he was never found guilty.

Kelley is a friend of ours; our children go to school together. We are fellow military officers. He is a man of integrity and honor. He has served our state loyally for multiple terms as well as our country in the Army. He is selfless, committed and responsible. We are lucky to have someone of his caliber running for state auditor.


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AUDITOR: James Watkins the only well-qualified candidate

Regarding the state auditor endorsements (editorial, 7-10), your editorial board gave high and well-deserved praise and recognition to Brian Sonntag for a job well done, and then stated the kind of scrutiny he provided is urgent when money is scarce and public services are threatened by tight budgets.

The the board gave high praise to the three Democrats running for that position by stating they all have had “financial experience and have demonstrated personal competence” without stating what that financial experience might have been and without any examples of their demonstrated personal competence.

The one Republican, James Watkins, was

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