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VERDICT: Stand up against Stand Your Ground laws

I believe George Zimmerman’s confidence in Florida’s Stand Your Ground law allowed him to pursue and confront Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman knew that if an altercation ensued, he could use his gun and claim self-defense.

Laws like this will encourage wannabe cops like Zimmerman to use guns to resolve personal conflicts outside their home. Martin did nothing wrong on the night he was killed by Zimmerman except look suspicious. What was that based on? A hoodie?

As the jury acquitted Zimmerman of a murder in a court of law based on reasonable doubt that he intended to kill Trayvon Martin, there should be

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GUNS: Does law give a license to kill?

The Florida “Stand Your Ground” law is in the national spotlight. Authored by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a creation of the Koch brothers, it was given to former Gov. Jeb Bush to push through his Republican state legislature with financial persuasion from the National Rifle Association’s lobbyists.

Since 2005, 23 other states have drafted ALEC’s language into their own laws. Democrats and police organizations opposing the law said it could cause the deaths of hundreds of innocent people. To date, more than 130 killings in Florida have avoided prosecution under Stand Your Ground.

In his commentary (TNT,

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