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TACOMA: 94-year rivalry goes Lincoln’s way this year

Several September events in Tacoma marked the 100th anniversary of Lincoln High School. The latest happened Saturday at Lincoln Bowl.

The first football game between Lincoln and Stadium high schools occurred in 1919, just six years after Lincoln was built. As a 60-year alumnus of Lincoln, it was my privilege to attend this year’s “Turkey Bowl.”

The interest has grown through the years to the extent that as many as 20,000 fans have graced the bowl for these rival teams.

Watching this game brought back fond memories of a tough Lincoln team of the 1950s with Luther Carr as quarterback.

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TACOMA: Stadium High conspiracy uncovered!

Re: “Many questions about Stadium High scandals – but not enough answers” (Your Voice, 7-18).

Congratulations Chris Britt, you’ve uncovered the SHS conspiracy where administrators are secretly hiring pedophiles to educate children and teachers are eagerly turning a blind eye to the molestation of their students.

I just needed to point out how ridiculous these accusations are of people who dedicate their lives to our youth.