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HOSPITALS: Why focus on facilities’ petty rivalry?

Re: “A new place to care for the premature” (TNT, 6-5).

As a mother who delivered at St. Joseph Medical Center, I was fortunate enough not to need the specialized care that the new unit offers. But your article did little to shine light on this new state-of-the-art department at such a great facility. It was more about the fact the Multicare Health System didn’t get its way than about the life-saving expertise and excellent quality of care that St. Joseph’s neonatal unit has to offer to our community.

The future parents of infants with special needs who choose

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TACOMA: TNT failed to report peaceful May Day here

I was proud to be at the peaceful May Day event in Tacoma Tuesday. There we heard about those who have lost their jobs, those who have lost their homes and the protest by workers at St. Joseph Medical Center in their effort to negotiate in good faith with the hospital’s management.

We learned about Move to Amend, an organization seeking to overturn the Supreme Court decision on corporate “personhood” and the assault on our democracy. All this while while eating food off the grill and listening to local musicians Steve and Kristi Nebel. No bricks, no bats, just the

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PREGNANCY: Just two weeks can make a big difference

As a perinatal nurse in the South Sound, I see many pregnant women a few weeks from a full-term pregnancy who are anxious to deliver. Many don’t understand how critical the last few weeks of pregnancy are to the healthy development of their baby.

But I know that healthy babies are worth the wait. At least 39 weeks of pregnancy are crucial to a baby’s health as development of critical organs continue during the last weeks of pregnancy. Current research shows the risk of infant death doubles when a baby is born at 37 weeks of pregnancy when compared to

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