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HEALTH: Free care is not the answer

Re: “Where’s care and compassion?” (letter, 3-20).

The writer, a physician, sees the need for “universal free medical care.” Universal health insurance is not the answer to every problem. And universal free medical care is a really bad idea. Who’s going to pay for it? How?

The doctor describes AB, a 56-year-old custodian with chronic back pain. He is caught between a rock and a hard place. If he continues lifting 100-pound tables, he’ll continue having back pain. But if he quits his job, he’ll lose his health insurance.

The solution is not to give AB free treatments, which

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AID: The safety net for poor is minimal

A recent letter writer stated that “those who don’t (won’t) work get by about as well as those who do” (TNT, 8-25).

Readers may be interested to know the eligibility requirements and benefit levels of assistance programs.

To qualify for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (welfare), a parent with two children (the average TANF family) must have an annual income less than $7,000 (35 percent of the federal poverty level). They receive cash assistance of no more than $479 per month.

To receive the assistance, parents are required to work or participate in mandated activities that will lead to

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