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ROADS: Major bottlenecks – and still no action

We returned last year to Pierce County after living on the East Coast and in the Midwest for years. I was surprised to see the huge increase in this county’s population.

On the other hand, I was not so surprised that nothing has done about completion of State Route 167 to Interstate 5, the cross-base connector road or the absolutely horrendous jam of I-5 through the military reservation. These projects were being discussed 40 years ago, and there is still no action.

It’s amazing what the bureaucracy isn’t able to accomplish around here as opposed to other high-growth areas in

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TOLLS: DOT accounting is smoke and mirrors

Re: “Tolls on SR 167 HOT lanes finally overtake spending” (TNT, 12-27).

Perhaps a different headline would be more appropriate for this story: “DOT cooks the books in order to prove themselves right” or “DOT uses accounting smoke and mirrors to justify money-losers.”

Didn’t we just go through a financial crisis in this country, much of it due to phony “accounting profits”? And now The News Tribune writes a front-page story celebrating the same “sham” accounting tactics that brought us Enron, AIG, Lehman Brothers and a host of others.

Do we never learn? Why do we keep handing blank

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