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GAS TAX: Toll payers here to fund SR 520 bridge?

Re: “Lawmaker’s plan would roll back Narrows toll” (TNT, 12-5).

Once again, flush with no ideas, our leaders are going around the will of the people. After we voted “no” on nefarious increases (probably to have more cash for stuff like food), a 10 cent gas tax increase is being considered. We already have among the highest gas tax in the U.S.

To top it with a cherry, much of that money will go to replacing the state Route 520 bridge in Seattle, a bridge most of us never use. King County didn’t help us pay for the Narrows

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TOLLS: WSDOT could use tried-and-true strategy

I see that the  Washington State Department of Transportation has sent out Interstate 90 toll surveys to Mercer Island residents.

I live in Gig Harbor and daily pay a toll to cross the  Narrows Bridge. When building a new Narrows bridge was put to a vote in Pierce County, it could not get the majority vote to pass. So the DOT solution was to expand the voting area to include King County. They finally got the majority needed to construct the bridge.

Now DOT is having difficulty getting approval for a new state Route 520 floating bridge in King County.

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TOLLS: Mobility reduced as expenses increase

Re: “Bridge tolls are more than fees” (TNT, 5-1).

Would all economists love tolling? Tolls cost far more to collect than taxes do. Some drivers are price-sensitive. Tolls that ignore price elasticity generate less revenue than tolls that differentiate market segments’ ability/willingness to pay. Tolls can encourage undesirable behaviors.

Furthermore, the users of the state Route 520 bridge are not the only beneficiaries of its existence. Those who routinely took Interstate 90 benefited from SR 520 being free; they are “paying” now with time and fuel since traffic on the free bridge has risen 10 percent. Won’t the free

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