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SR 167: We should look before we leap

The gung ho mandate by some local politicians and union officials toward extending state Route 167 to the Port of Tacoma is worrisome. The mantra of “jobs jobs jobs” is unfounded. It is quite probable this area would lose jobs due to additional gridlock on SR 167.

We have a great example of what we will actually get in the future if local pols get their way. Ironically, Tacoma is competing with the Port of Long Beach for business.

Here is my suggestion. Buy a plane ticket to Los Angeles or Long Beach and drive Interstate 710, the “Long Beach

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SR 167: New coalition must move state forward

The legislative session adjourned again without a comprehensive transportation funding plan. The bipartisan SR 167 Completion Coalition that included the Port of Tacoma, businesses of the port, labor and civic leaders from across the state built a strong case but did not convince the Legislature.

We cannot falter now. We must still fight for a transportation package, and we learned this session that we cannot do it alone.

The ports of Tacoma and Seattle, which are among the largest collection of port facilities in the nation, must continue to follow through on a Port to Port initiative. The business community

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SR 167: A better idea would be to expand SR 18

I have heard the arguments on why state Route 167 should be completed from the Port of Tacoma to Interstate 5. I don’t buy any of the arguments.

I believe those who support the completion have a money gain of some sort. I also believe they have never had to commute on SR 167 each day. What we really need to do is add the third lane on state Route 18 between I-5 and SR 167. It would cost a lot less then building a new stretch of highway. If we can’t afford to take care of the roads we

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SR 167: Is road project a boon or boondoggle?

Every time another piece on state Route 167 appears, written by or quoting our politicians, it’s clear that business has been lobbying hard for completion of the freeway link into Port of Tacoma. Benefit to the people is said to be somewhere between 4,000 and 10,000 jobs, depending on which publication is on the bottom of the birdcage at the moment. There has been no critical vetting of these numbers, and I challenge the parties involved to put up some data.

The formerly rich agricultural environment of the Kent-Auburn valley has already been saturated with warehouses, and the businesses are

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PROJECTS: Where’s the money to come from?

Recently there has been a lot of talk about business wanting the state Route 167 and 509 extensions and the billions they are going to cost. Others want a cross-base highway and to tax us to prevent flooding from damaging Interstate 5.

Has anybody but me noticed that building permits have been given to build warehouses, stores, condos, apartments, houses, car and mobile home dealerships in the flood plain between Interstate 5 and the Puyallup River? In fact they are at a lower level than the highway. If it is safe enough for them, I-5 cannot be in danger.


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ROADS: Cross-base highway is also badly needed

Re: “167 extension to Port of Tacoma back on table” (TNT, 1-22).

Although finishing state routes 167 and 509 are badly needed, somebody left out the cross-base highway in the equation.

Here is a road that’s been talked about for around 40 years; anybody who drives and commutes in the Joint Base Lewis-McChord area will tell you it is badly needed.

If the state is going to spend a bunch of dough, get enough to finish that road also, because it to is a missing link. These roads are not getting any cheaper, and every year the state drags

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ROADS: Commit to completing state Route 167

Those of us who live and work in the connected valleys from Renton to Fife have long awaited a 30-year promise – that the last six miles of state Route 167 be completed.

As the 2013 legislative session approaches, the City of Auburn and a coalition of cities, chambers, ports and dozens of freight-related businesses ask the Legislature to actively pursue a plan for future funding cycles and appropriations needed to complete SR 167. We cannot wait another 30 years to finish this “last six-mile” project.

SR 167 is a major corridor that moves freight to and from the Port

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ROADS: 167 extension makes no sense

So state Route 167 needs to be extended to connect agrarian Eastern Washington to the warehouses of Sumner, Auburn and Kent (TNT, 12-3)? Has anyone looked at a map?

To get from Eastern Washington to Sumner, Auburn or Kent, you need to take Interstate 90 and then state Route 18. If you’re going to Sumner, you’d get off at Auburn and then go south.

The extension of 167 along the River Road area would save a few – very few – miles for people going from Sumner and Puyallup to the Port of Tacoma. But $2 billion worth of

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