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ELECTION: McCarthy is much more than ‘fine’

There are very few examples in politics when both parties can agree on one person for an office, but Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy is one. She listens to both sides of each issue and finds all the facts before making a decision. She is the one who puts the best people in charge of helping the county.

McCarthy has been the champion for children, seniors, low-income residents and taxpayers. That’s why I was so frustrated to see The News Tribune’s feeble endorsement for McCarthy (editorial, 10-9).

Voters should be excited that McCarthy is our executive. She’s not doing

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SPRINKER: Skating history repeats itself

In 1939, the Lakewood Winter Club (LWC) was formed as a member club of the United States Figure Skating Association. It opened its doors for figure skating, hockey and public skating in the Lakewood Ice Arena on the shores of Lake Steilacoom.

It flourished for almost 40 years until unexpectedly, the roof fell in and the building was eventually condemned. Where would the skating programs go? It’s often said, “When God slams the door shut, he opens a window somewhere.” Well, there was a window open. The newly constructed Sprinker Recreation Center had an Olympic-size and state-of-the-art ice rink. It

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SPRINKER: Pierce County should be embarrassed

Did Sprinker ice arena just suddenly become in such a state of disrepair that it cannot be used? No! Years ago, there was talk at the county level of not only renovating, but adding an additional sheet of ice to attract more events. They said they had almost enough money at that time.

Since then, they did not even put on a coat of paint or patch the roof, let alone renovate. In the meantime, many Washington communities are able to maintain rinks. Figure and hockey skaters from Sprinker attend competitions around the nation. Their counterparts have been coming to

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SPRINKER: County is closing great place for kids

Pierce County really doesn’t have much for kids to do in its south end. Closing Sprinker will be a crime for kids. We need a place that can used year-round and for multiple uses.

The skating rink, tennis courts and the many different classes that are held there and so much more will be lost. Pierce County needs to find the money to renovate it and keep it open. Let’s put money into keeping our children active and healthy.