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SPORTS: Reduce travel by shortening seasons

Although I have long been a fan of pro basketball and hockey, I have a distinct dislike for the extended seasons of these two “winter” sports into the month of June.

Seasons could be shortened, while keeping the number of games constant, if only these two sports would follow the game of baseball by adopting the two- and three-game series, the latter for intradivisional games. This would have the side benefits of reducing travel costs and player weariness over fairly long seasons.

Baseball could also reduce time and travel by ending the two-game series and expanding the number of four-game

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TACOMA: Bring arena football team here

I think the kids in Tacoma need a local pro team to look up to. Spokane and Portland each have an Arena Football League team and I say, “Why not Tacoma?” We could even start with having a contest for the kids to name the team.

So, if there is someone out there with the talent and know-how to make this happen, do it! Why not?


SEAHAWKS: Sports provides jobs, entertainment

I often hear complaints that athletes are extravagantly overpaid, citing some lavish lifestyles and multimillion-dollar contracts. I, however, contend that they contribute more to our enjoyment and economy than any other cohort of society – and are grossly underpaid; most are not paid at all.

Think what the Seahawks alone have contributed – to entertainment, sales and jobs – in new gear, tickets, travel, restaurants, hotels, clothing, tailgating, home parties, reportage, advertising, commercials, security and more – plus the extensive and expensive planning, preparation and execution involved.

The “sports industry” (from neighborhood playgrounds to huge urban stadia, from sandlot “pick-up”

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MATH: Where’s acclaim for superb students?

Re: “Praising math successes part of fostering big change” (TNT, 4-24).

I’m a volunteer math mentor for students struggling to pass the state math test in order to graduate, so I read Professor Katie Baird’s column with interest.

Almost every time I volunteer in a math class, I hear the complaint from a student, “I don’t need to know math.” I explain that even if you aren’t planning to be a mathematician or a scientist, math teaches you logic and problem-solving skills that you will use in any walk of life.

Our society has it backwards. We heap praise

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SPORTS: Region already has pro basketball team

Sports writers cheer Seattle getting back a professional basketball team. Yet we have had a professional team in the Puget Sound area ever since the Sonics left, thanks to the courage of the four women who bought the Seattle Storm WNBA team.

The Storm has brought home two championship trophies, made the finals in eight of their 11 years and are role models for their community. So let’s give the Storm some of the recognition and credit they are due and stop acting like we didn’t have a professional basketball team the last several years.

Go, Storm!


SPORTS: List of top events in county missed one

Re: “Top sporting events in Pierce County history” (TNT, 8-23).

Anyone who has ever truly researched the history of local sporting events will tell you that the football game played on Nov. 29, 1940, between West Coast power Gonzaga and small college power Pacific Lutheran College, was easily one of the top half dozen sporting events in Pierce County sports history.

It was played before one of the largest crowds ever to see a game in Tacoma, with somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 fans attending. It was an epic come-from-behind victory for PLC, 16-13, and thrust the Gladiators into

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GOLF: McGrath doesn’t get it

Re: “Calling a foul on unseen official” (John McGrath column, 8-18).

McGrath’s baseball writing is exemplary, but his take on the Rules of Golf is in la-la land.

When Dustin Johnson was called for grounding his club in a bunker at the PGA, the officials proceeded exactly as required. As an experienced rules official from the USGA level down to the local junior level, I will tell you that the cardinal rule in a stroke play competition is “protecting the field,” which means that no player will be given an advantage and that all rules infractions must be called.

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SPORTS: Professional sports played by cry babies

All right, I admit it. I have lost all interest in most professional sports. I’m tired of all the whining by overpaid children and the threats of “I’m gonna take my ball and go home.” We should reroute all that money to, say, teachers, but that’s another story.

The only professional sporting event I am interested in is cycling. We currently have two major races going on today and guess what? Not a mention in Monday’s sport section. These races are; the tour of California and the Giro d’Italia. They are premier events in the cycling world and worth

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