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TACOMA: Let’s explore Sperry Dock options

I enjoyed Ken Miller’s column (TNT, 9-24) on capturing the Sperry/MSNS waterway site for completing the Dome-to-Defiance trail. As a Ruston Way trail user, I think it’s a great goal.

But to ensure success, we need to not just kick out the MNSN ships, but help them relocate. In 2008 they may not have been top priority, but now with a new Stryker Brigade, they have to be quickly available.

So where can they go? It has to be accessible to road and rail to load and unload military vehicles. What are the alternative sites in the South Sound?

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TACOMA: Better uses seen for city’s waterfront

Re: “Expiration of dock lease opens a window of opportunity” (TNT, 9-24).

What a viable opportunity to use the Sperry Dock space, as reader columnist Ken Miller wisely suggested (among several options), to expand the Tacoma School District’s Science and Math Institute into a public school science center, one that could work in synergy with Urban Waters, the University of Washington Tacoma and others, and would allow us to be part of something greater than ourselves.

Miller noted that this is a timely proposition with Sperry Dock’s renegotiation of its contract in 2013, and with the possibility that Metro

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CALLAGHAN: CHB’s true colors revealed

Peter Callaghan’s article (TNT, 11-13) is spot on when it comes to flushing out the true colors of Citizens for a Healthy Bay with his comments about them echoing the Shoreline Master Plan positions of the Port and Chamber. If CHB were truly an environmental organization, then Sperry Ocean Dock would not have been dropping, among other items, asphalt, creosoted timbers, and rusting steel into Commencement Bay for over 20 years! It was a lone citizen who made the complaint that led to the forced clean up – not CHB as their mission statement would indicate.


CALLAGHAN: CHB’s advocacy in keeping with goal

In his 11-12 column, Peter Callaghan claims that Citizens for a Healthy Bay (CHB) did not “speak up on behalf of the bay” during the Tacoma’s Shoreline Master Plan (SMP) update process. To the contrary, CHB has spent more than five years prodding the Planning Commission to adopt measures that will protect Commencement Bay against toxic pollution and encourage the restoration of more natural habitat along our shorelines.

On 9-27, The News Tribune published CHB’s op-ed article explaining our reasons for opposing one change under consideration by the Commission, expansion of urban conservancy zoning south to include Sperry

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TACOMA: Stop blocking access to waterway

Re: “Sperry Dock battle heats up” (TNT, 8-9).

Gary Coy’s comments in defense of blocking the people of Tacoma complete waterway access from downtown to Point Defiance is laughable. He says, “It’s just a way of trying to put us out of business and get rid of the military support and support we provide for emergency management for the county.”

No I don’t own a home on the hill. I, like just about all Tacomans, know that the waterway should be for everyone to enjoy. Coy has a sweet deal and should count his blessings for that, instead of

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