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SPENDING: Don’t blame public employee unions

Re: “Easier to give away that to take back” (letter, 2-20).

I take issue with the claim that public employee unions and politicians who support them are a main contributor toward bankruptcy at all levels of government. This is another version of placing blame on public employees for government budget woes.

I am a member of a public employee union (Washington Education Association), and I make no apology for my pay or benefits. Public employee unions have supported living wages and benefits for all public workers – teachers, police, firefighters, nurses, social workers and others. I don’t understand why

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SPENDING: Easier to give away than to take back

All levels of government are flirting with bankruptcy. Why?

At the city, county and state levels, the main reason is that public employee unions walk in lockstep with politicians who will grant them pay and benefits far beyond what taxpayers can afford. And union members who oppose certain candidates are often forced to contribute money to help elect them anyway.

At the federal level it comes down to the fact that although half of the people in America pay no income taxes, that same half receives far more than half of the benefits paid for by the government.

To further

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CONGRESS: Cut spending on low-priority projects

Re: “Federal money on way to boost Pacific Avenue” (TNT, 8-17).

Among a multitude of gifts, recently Congressman Norm Dicks gifted nearly a million dollars of federal taxpayers’ money to Tacoma’s Pacific Avenue road improvement project. Add Dicks’ gifts to the gifts from other members of Congress and the country will soon be bankrupt.

I thought the priority of Congress was to cut spending before the country is bankrupt. The federal revenue is about $2.2 trillion and spending is almost twice the revenue, a gap that additional confiscatory taxes will not cover.

Dicks is selfishly buying votes, and his

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