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SPECIAL ED: Court right to reject school districts’ lawsuit

I applaud the state Supreme Court for rejecting the special education spending lawsuit filed against the state (TNT, 12-10). I am a parent of a special education student who attended school within the Puyallup School District – one of the many schools that jumped on this lawsuit bandwagon.

No matter how much money these district get for special education it will not go to educate a special education student to their full potential. The Individuals Disability Education Act only requires a district to provide the basic or bare minimum of accessibility to an education.

Keep in mind that since

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EDUCATION: Let’s resist cruel intentions

Re: “Too much spent on special ed” (letter, 7-14).

Money spent on special education by the school district is not spent in an effort to be kind and caring. Special education is funded as a result of state and federal law.

We do not, in this country, parcel out essential benefits to children according to their academic potential. Fortunately this country values its school-aged children not because of their IQ or physical strength.

Gifted children already have an extra measure of ability. They already have a huge competitive edge. To give them even more, and to pay for it by

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EDUCATION: Many notables could be ‘special ed’

Re: “Too much spent on special ed” (letter, 7-14).

As an educator, I believe it is important to educate parents and society as well as our students. I believe many people misunderstand special education and people in our society with special needs.

It is important for all of to know that many people who qualify for special education services or could have qualified for services are or were “talented and gifted.” A partial list of some of those people: Albert Einstein, George Patton, John Lennon, Abraham Lincoln, Agatha Christie, Leonardo da Vinci, Tom Cruise, Winston Churchill, Beethoven, Issac Newton, Thomas

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EDUCATION: Too much spent on special education

Re: “Intelligence owes much to heredity” (letter, 7-4).

Just as surely as tall people are more likely to have tall children and obese people are more likely to have obese children, parents with IQs of 125 are more likely to produce intelligent children than parents with IQs of 75.

Unfortunately, in an effort to be kind and caring, public schools spend a disproportionately large amount of money on special education programs which produce a very limited amount of learning and often underfund gifted programs in which the learning potential is boundless.

No reasonable person would deny that environment plays an

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