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SPACE SHUTTLE: Endeavor unites Americans

I knew it was coming, but I heard it before I saw it. A great roar of jet engines compelled me to move outside to the front porch of my daughter’s home in Seal Beach, Calif. I looked skyward just as the giant 747 aircraft carrying the space shuttle Endeavor glided over my head toward the Pacific Ocean’s edge, two jet fighter guardians trailing to the sides.

I felt I could reach up and touch it. My chest tightened as my eyes, inexplicably, misted over. Surprised by this emotional response, I later realized it came from the shared experience of

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SPACE: Exploration far too expensive

I usually agree with Charles Krauthammer because he’s a conservative “thinker.” However, in his recent column (TNT, 4-20) about the retirement of the space shuttle fleet and the decline of NASA, I think he’s completely wrong. Rather than looking to the future, and the supposedly bleak picture of America’s technical prowess, Krauthammer needs to look to the past.

Throughout history, nations have continually sought to demonstrate their dominance on the world stage by being “No. 1″ in some arena of human endeavor. At one time, for example, Americans thought that the standard of dominance was measured in feet –

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