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UNIONS: High labor costs are hurting service

Re: “Public unions have a choice: Save pay – or jobs” (editorial, 12-17).

The editorial on unsustainable wages and benefits for public safety employees is even more relevant when you examine recent articles.

First, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department is getting a new plane and boat, courtesy of a federal grant.
Second, Monday was the start of South Sound 911.

In both cases, high labor costs have prevented fire and police departments from buying equipment with existing funds as should have been done. If anyone disputes the high labor cost, read about the new University Place police chief,

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ELECTION: McCarthy is much more than ‘fine’

There are very few examples in politics when both parties can agree on one person for an office, but Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy is one. She listens to both sides of each issue and finds all the facts before making a decision. She is the one who puts the best people in charge of helping the county.

McCarthy has been the champion for children, seniors, low-income residents and taxpayers. That’s why I was so frustrated to see The News Tribune’s feeble endorsement for McCarthy (editorial, 10-9).

Voters should be excited that McCarthy is our executive. She’s not doing

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