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SOUNDERS: Team worthy of more prominent coverage

Head to head, the Safe and the Clink, Friday night, downtown Seattle:

The Mariners (in the middle of a playoff race for the first time in over a decade) drew 29,090 fans. The Sounders (first place, U.S. Open and MLS cups within reach) drew 38,976 fans. Yet the Sounders merit a one-inch blip at the bottom of the front page of the Sports section, referring to an inside-the-section article.

What does it take to get a little more Sounders support?


WORLD CUP: U.S. has cause to be rejoicing

Now that most of the soccer zealots have been talked off of their respective ledges following the Belgium match, I would like to point out how far we have come on the world stage.

When I grew up in the 1950s and ’60s, soccer was something foreign countries did and did well. There was no interest here then as we had our own sports born and bred in the U.S. Soccer wasn’t even offered in schools then.

Our rise to moderate world fame now is mind-boggling when compared to Europe and South America, for instance. Soccer is to them what

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SPORTS: Time to bring the NHL to Seattle

Re: “NHL fans, buckle up: Talk of Seattle team gaining speed” (John McGrath column, 6-17).

The Northwest is a professional sports area. We have the Seahawks, the Mariners and the Sounders. We had the Sonics since 1967 until Clay Bennett and the NBA maneuvered a move to Oklahoma City. They won and we lost.
The latest attempt to relocate a failing NBA team back to Seattle fell on deaf ears. Chris Hansen and his investment group put together an extremely solid financial package for the Sacramento Kings and a privately financed arena with no taxpayer money. What a

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