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TACOMA: Santorno disappoints SOTA-SAMI students

Sounds like Tacoma School District Superintendent Carla Santorno is behind the decision to cancel the SOTA-SAMI trip to Madagascar that students had worked so hard to plan. Supporters of her probably praise her caution. But I see a craven surrender to expediency, including concern for her own legacy.

The flip side of an American electorate that loves moral righteousness, certainty, and ideology over compromise is its tendency to be flummoxed in ambiguous times. Santorno taints an entire continent, because she can’t make a simple geographical distinction.

I’ve taken students to Africa in times of political violence and State Department cautions:

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TACOMA: Innovation in district is impressive

It has been nearly 10 years since our youngest daughter graduated from the International Baccalaureate program at Foss High School, and nearly that long since I worked in the Tacoma School District. I did some exploring on the district’s website to see just what the district has done in the past decade.

I was impressed by the innovation happening in the district’s schools: the School of the Arts has grown to 645 students in grades 9 through 12, with its students showing reading and writing scores above the 80th percentile in the past three years; the staff at Baker Middle

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BUSES: Service is a lifeline to many

As a student at the School of the Arts (S.O.T.A) in Tacoma, I regularly ride the bus down Pacific Avenue each day from Spanaway. Many of my fellow students arrive at S.O.T.A in a similar manner from all parts of Pierce County (and beyond). A bus is more than a transportation device, it is a lifeline for our school, as well as many others. Without bus service, our growing community of artists is threatened.

Many other citizens are also left vulnerable by the dramatic cuts in service that would ensue if this proposition goes down to defeat. Many that work

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SCHOOLS: SOTA honor deserved the front page

We are all looking for positive feedback about our schools. Why, then, was exciting news about Tacoma’s School of the Arts receiving a distinguished award hidden inside the newspaper? This should have been front-page news instead of all the bad press schools have been getting during the strike.

SOTA was selected as one of only four schools in the United States to earn the National Schools of Distinction in Arts Education for the 2010-2011 school year. It was the only West Coast school selected this year by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. They must be

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EDUCATION: The lesson from SOTA’s robotics team

I would like to thank Anna Kastama for her wonderful commentary (TNT, 5-25). I am a retiring math teacher and, like most of my colleagues, have missed a critical element in mathematics – it is fun!

EDUCATION: The lesson from SOTA’s robotics team

Too often we teachers have struggled to meet the GLEs and EALRs and prep kids for the HSPE.
We have managed to take the fun out of a very creative and enjoyable subject. Let us first and foremost make math class a fun class. Once the kids are having fun, then sneak in the traditional stuff.

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