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TACOMA: Will customers share in trash savings?

Re: “Less-frequent trash pickup cuts costs” (TNT, 4-21).

The front-page article highlighted many successes of Tacoma’s every-other-week garbage pickup schedule implemented during the past year – lower fuel costs, less garbage hauled to the landfill, fewer trucks polluting the air (ostensibly less operation and maintenance costs also), fewer staffed positions required and greater recycling efforts.

These reductions are projected to culminate in a “savings” of $900,000 to $1.2 million per year. Now, may we please get the rest of this feel-good story?

What is the city’s budget plan for the projected savings? How are the savings going to be

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GARBAGE: Freeze scraps for trouble-free disposal

Re: “Twice-monthly trash may start next year” (TNT, 4-30).

I had not realized just how much food waste I generate in a week, let alone two. One way to handle this food waste without odor or pests until pickup date is to freeze it.

Many people with families have large, chest-type freezers in the basement or garage, often not full. Even smaller freezers can be utilized: Make it a priority to scoop out a space. Put the newspaper-wrapped bundle into a plastic grocery bag, then put it in the freezer. On the day before or the day of brown

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PLASTIC BAGS: Don’t recycle bags, reuse them

The Walla Walla Union-Bulletin editorial you reprinted (TNT, 12-31) asks, “Has anyone tried educating the public (about plastic bag recycling)?” It suggests that recycling “would rise if the public was given a choice.”

Tacomans have been educated for years and clearly have that choice. Most Tacoma grocery stores recycle bags. Safeway’s bags say, “Reuse and Recycle. Help protect our environment. Please bring this bag to your local Safeway for recycling.” Bags enclosing the daily paper say “This Bag is Recyclable. Bring it Back. Your store recycles plastic bags.”

Tacoma’s excellent Solid Waste Management repeatedly urges recycling; the first plastic they

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TACOMA: Biweekly service and food waste recycling welcomed

Thank you, Tacoma Solid Waste, for your new biweekly garbage service and food waste recycling. The garbage can no longer has an odor problem as all the food waste now goes into the yard waste container. Any odor that may be caused by the addition food waste to yard waste is easily fixed by covering the food waste with grass clippings or a few leaves.

I vote to implement the program citywide as soon as possible.

Keep up the good work and keep looking for ways to cut operating costs and improve the environment.