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POT: Growers reject unreliable light source

Re: “Pot producers will strain Northwest power grid” (TNT, 9-11).

So, our economy must provide extra electric power to eliminate the problem of pesky intermittent solar light that limits the profits of pot growers. They need artificial light to stimulate photosynthesis 24 hours per day in a plant that, in nature, would get that stimulus only in daytime from the sun.

Will environmentalists urge even more generous subsidies for solar power to help provide this electricity (at least in daytime on clear days) at artificially high costs borne by taxpayers?

Will indoor pot growers also resort to higher than

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ENERGY: Make it easier to go solar

Solar electricity capacity across the country has grown nearly 20-fold since 2007. Just last year, the U.S. installed more solar PV capacity than the nation had installed in its entire history up to 2011.

Washington however, is lagging behind in this movement, ranking 26th out of 31 solar-producing states in the country with 3.4 solar watts per capita, according to a recent report from Environment Washington Research and Policy Center.

We need a strong commitment from our state leaders to expanding our access to solar power so that we can reap the benefits of this pollution-free energy source

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ENERGY: Solar array will pay for itself

Re: “A little rain on solar power parade” (letter, 6-2).

I think the writer’s computations are wrong. Since I have a solar power array, and am going to enlarge it, I think that I might know a little bit about it.

Assuming that the array would wipe out his usage of the grid power and that the array was installed early enough to obtain the full state rebate, let’s do some math.

The original cost of $45,000 less the federal credit of $13,500 leaves $31,500 to be paid off. Assuming that the full state credit of $5,000 for this

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ENERGY: A little rain on the solar power parade

Re: “Solar energy getting brighter” (TNT, 5-28).

The article gives the impression that solar energy is a good investment for homeowners. I hate to rain on the solar parade, but here are a few figures:

My house uses about 11,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity a year. According to the article, generating this with solar would require an installation costing about $45,000. I pay $840 per year for the electricity, so it would take more than 50 years for the system to pay for itself, assuming no costs for maintenance or damage. Even with subsidies, it would take 40

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ENERGY: Don’t roll back solar incentives

Re: “Solar energy rules under attack from conservatives” (TNT, 4-21).

The article on efforts to roll back state incentives for policies that favor green energy points out that the big utilities and such “conservative” actors as the Koch brothers and Grover Norquist are behind the misleading and counterproductive campaign. They assert that net-metering solar power producers do not pay to maintain the power grid, which is clearly false.

As one homeowner with solar panels tied to the grid, I can tell you that I do pay a customer charge for that connection, beyond what I pay for electricity I

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ENERGY: Envision a solar-powered future

Washington leaders should acknowledge and prioritize the clear environmental and economic benefits of cultivating the solar industry in Washington. A new report by Environment Washington, Solar Works for Washington, illustrates a variety of ways to utilize solar energy in Washington, while also highlighting the environmental and economic benefits of encouraging solar development.

Environment Washington’s report shows how we can get 5.5 percent of our electricity needs through solar by 2025 by utilizing rooftop solar, solar hot water heaters and utility scale solar. Fostering a thriving solar industry in Washington could create thousands of installation, maintenance and manufacturing jobs, and

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ELECTION: Inslee’s green energy? No thanks

Jay Inslee promoted green energy while he was a congressman representing the people of Washington state (TNT, 10-11). Two have failed, Solyndra and Solar at Loveland, costing the taxpayers $570 million to date. A third one, SunPower is on the brink of going bankrupt.

I do not want him promoting green energy in Washington, where the taxpayer will have to pick this up also if it fails. Inslee also voted to ban our 120-year-old light bulb, which will cost homeowners a few hundred dollars to replace them with mercury-laden bulbs.

Sarah Palin was trashed by media everywhere for quitting

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