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POLITICS: Don’t equate socialism with slavery

Re: “Demand honesty, transparency” (letter, 12-8).

I’m not sure where the writer gets his ideas from, but I am tired of people provoking fear in a political and social system they know little or nothing about. Socialism is a continuum, and every civilized society by definition is socialist to some degree.

To state that people in “socialist” countries are slaves is ludicrous. I have many friends in Canada and several European countries. They just smirk and roll their eyes at our feeble attempts to provide basic necessities such as health care, education and transportation. Every time I return from

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POLITICS: Demand honesty, transparency

Capitalism is the only path to freedom, but it can easily be corrupted. Socialism is a form of slavery, but it gives us comfort.

Make the rich pay, spread the wealth, force those lazy bums to work, end welfare handouts…. These political slogans have been shouted long before our country was formed, and they will continue until the demise of the human race.

Our government was formed by men who began their working careers in their preteen years. They knew the value of hard work and the consequences of bad decisions. They designed our country in a structure that gives us,

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ECONOMY: Growth hurt by redistribution

Rewarding businesses that provide society with the products and services they want is fundamental to economic vibrancy.

Apple Inc., the world’s largest company by market capitalization, recently released the newest version of its iconic Smartphone: iPhone 5. Preorders topped 2 million in the first 24 hours. It will give a massive boost to suppliers and derivative companies; indeed, JPMorgan estimates it could add about 0.5 percent to the nation’s GDP on an annualized basis.

Should public servants determine that Apple’s executives, or any brilliant innovators who create wealth for society, have “made enough money”? Is the government more efficient than

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OBAMA: The right is wrong with its myths

In these days of bitter and hyperbolic partisanship, the right has fallen victim to its own propaganda. But many of its most cherished myths cannot pass a smell test.

One current gospel is that President Obama is a radical socialist, if not an outright Marxist. Yet he began his term by appointing Tim Geithner and Larry Summers to steward the economy. Those two wild-eyed radicals are well-known as the Lenin and Stalin of Wall Street.

In truth, Obama, like all presidents, is in the pocket of corporate and military interests, and most progressives are dismayed by his conservative policies. That

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PROTESTS: Occupy solution has already failed

The first European settlers at Plymouth Colony experimented with a socialist economic model and it failed miserably – so miserably that the colonists nearly perished.

All land was to be held in common, and all production was to be divided equally. Trouble was there was very little produced, so there was little to divide. Near starvation was the result.

Realizing that model wasn’t working, the Pilgrims divided the land among the settlers, allowing each family to keep the fruits of its efforts. That strategy created so much prosperity that it begot the holiday of Thanksgiving to celebrate not only the

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SOCIALISM: Please consult the dictionary

Re: “ECONOMY: Socialism has failed state, nation” (letter, 12-3).

The disjointed and illogical attempt to attribute the Great Recession to some failed American experiment with “socialism” was a real head-scratcher.

In contemporary discourse it seems that a person’s propensity for the word “socialism” is inversely proportional to his actual understanding of the term. Ground zero for the Great Recession was Wall Street – the center of the capitalist universe. I don’t know how much further one can get from socialism than the unregulated free-for-all feeding frenzy that was Wall Street in 2008, where brokerage houses were allowed to do as

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ECONOMY: Capitalism system is what’s failing

A recent letter (TNT, 12-3) states that socialism is at the root of our monetary problems. It was the capitalist system which failed.

The Republican tax cut for higher income individuals in year 2001 has produced no new jobs, and still they want to keep the tax reductions for the wealthy. The wealthy have failed to produce jobs, and conservatives are still hoping the peasants don’t figure it out.

Unions came about due to the abuses from those “who own the means of production.” Unions are no more evil than unfettered capitalism.

It must be nice to have a warm

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ECONOMY: Socialism has failed state, nation

Socialism has failed. The bipartisan White House National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform titles its report “The moment of truth.” Frankly I am glad, but their “moment of truth” is four years overdue.

The Bush-Obama strategy has come due. Trouble was brewing when Bush told us in 2008, “I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system,” which is like saying “I’ve abandoned my parachute to more thoroughly enjoy my sky-diving experience.”

Truth is, everyone but a political hack realizes we are facing national bankruptcy with all its bad, bad consequences. Socialism has failed. This is what brought 6,000

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