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MUDSLIDE: Untimely, inappropriate analogy to make a point

Re: “The next landslide” (TNT, 3-30).

While I found Al Lewis’ Wall Street Journal article  an interesting point of view, I found the headline and the analogy used to be insensitive, unsympathetic and ill-timed while recovery efforts for Oso mudslide victims are ongoing.

To use such a devastating tragedy as a comparison, especially at this moment, was offensive, indecorous and disrespectful. I believe an apology is warranted to the families who have lost loved ones, to those whose relatives are yet to be found and to the people of Oso and Snohomish County.


TRANSIT: Agencies’ services need to be consolidated

Re: “Transit may eliminate 40 vanpools” (TNT, 3-11).

The elimination of vanpools is a sad indication of a well-meant government program sinking into the morass of multiple bureaucracies.

These vanpools – created to reduce traffic, the need for parking and a reduction of pollution – are a good idea. But as the region grew, each municipality needed a transit agency. Eventually, as these communities grew, we were left with overlapping and redundant systems.

Pierce County, King County, Snohomish County, Kitsap County and Sound Transit each has a territory with resulting management and bureaucracies fighting to survive. Each has six-figure management

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