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SMOKING: Tobacco-free parks make sense

Re: “Lakewood backs off ban on tobacco in parks” (TNT, 1-19).

On behalf of the Tobacco-Free Alliance of Pierce County (TAP), I support the Lakewood Parks and Recreation Advisory Board’s unanimous recommendation to make the city’s parks tobacco-free.

Tobacco use is a leading cause of preventable death and disease in the nation, in Washington state and in Pierce County. Our parks should be healthy and safe places for families to gather and for kids and adults to be physically active.

Parks currently regulate the use of alcohol and require owners to clean up after their pets. Eliminating tobacco use

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MARIJUANA: Don’t smoke in public

What has come of this state? No smoking cigarettes in public, but they are considering pot smoking?

When I go into a bar for entertainment or a nice martini, the last thing I want to smell is pot smoke. A person can get high from the second hand smoke from pot. And, we all know that pot and alcohol don’t mix.

People, do your smoking in your own home, not around the rest of us.


BETHEL: Teachers smoking sets a poor example

At a school in the Bethel School District, I have witnessed staff smoking several times a day not 25 feet from where kids are unloaded. They are on school property in view of students.

I contacted the school and was told that if the teachers are outside the gate they are not on school property, which is incorrect; the school district has signs on the property up one block and around stating that it is school property and no trespassing is allowed.

These employees are smoking on school property and in view of children. Teachers need to lead by example.

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SMOKING: Public health messages critical

Re: “Smoke-free public housing good for health, safety and costs” (editorial, 11-5).

All Pierce County residents have the right to live in healthy, safe environments that allow them to be productive and engaged citizens. The Tacoma Housing Authority board action is an essential step forward in this effort.

Tobacco smoke causes endless death and suffering through its immediate effects, which include heart attacks, asthma attacks and nicotine poisoning, and long-term effects, such as cancer, heart disease, emphysema and oral disease. The News Tribune’s coverage of this important health issue promotes positive community conversation around smoke- and tobacco-free initiatives that

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TACOMA: Those butts last just about forever

I recently spent a few hours with over a dozen other members of our Midland community cleaning up our stretch of the road along Portland Avenue. We accumulated more than 34 bags of trash, and it could have been more had we picked up every single cigarette butt that was along the road.

There may well be a misconception among some smokers – indeed, I know there is – that cigarette butts decompose. Not so. While they may not last as long as hot dogs in the landfill, they certainly have longevity when tossed out a window or discarded carelessly

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SMOKING: Majority clearly supports ban

Re: “Public pipe, cigar smoking effort alive” (TNT, 4-10).

What part of “smoking kills” don’t these folks get? The people of Washington spoke clearly, when they overwhelmingly supported the Clean Air Act that made it illegal to smoke in public places.

Now, here we go again – small special interests manage for the second time to mount an assault on what the people have clearly said they want: workplaces free of carcinogenic smoke. Ultimately, if this thing passes, people are going to be forced to lie and say they don’t care about smoke in order to keep their jobs.

People of

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SMOKING: Raise smoking age to 21

It is said that if someone doesn’t start smoking by the time they are 21, they probably never will. So why not raise the smoking age to 21?

The money saved on treatment of smoking-related illnesses and on cessation programs could be used to beef up enforcement of such a law. Enforcement should be directed against stores that sell cigarettes to those under 21, against straw purchasers who provide cigarettes to them and against underage smokers.

I am assuming that the state wants to reduce smoking, or is it addicted to tobacco tax revenue generated by teen smokers?


SMOKING: Burden of proof is on regulators

Re: “If e-cigarettes aren’t harmful, then prove it” (Viewpoint, 5-13).

I find it surprising that a person of Dr. Anthony Chen’s education is so unclear on burden of proof. Of course, the burden of proof that a regulation is necessary is on the regulator.

There is evidently no data on the safety of vaping; otherwise he would have presented it. Without evidence, he is trying to protect us from an imaginary or, at best, potential danger.