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PAY: Liberals show irrationality on minimum wage

Why is it that our friends on the left seem to understand economic realities on some things, yet forget about them on others?

They realize that if you make a resource more expensive we will use less of it. They have wisely raised the price of cigarettes. Fewer of us are now smoking. Through their regulations, they have raised the price of gasoline. Many have moved to alternative fuels. Obamacare has raised the price of Cadillac-plan medical policies, and fewer of us are getting them.

Liberals also know that if they can make a resource cheaper, we will use more

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TOBACCO: Vaping tax will cause deaths

Re: “Inslee tax would nearly double cost of vaping” (thenewstribune.com, 2-26).

I have a serious question for Jay Inslee: “Governor, why do you want people to die?”

For 20 years or so, it’s been public policy to encourage smoking cessation by imposing high taxes on tobacco products. It’s been a very gradual process, but the taxes have been partially successful. Smoking is on the decline.

Now we have an attractive and economical alternative to smoking cigarettes (vaping) that has the potential to finish the job, but Inslee wants to tax it to smithereens. Because of this tax, some smokers

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SMOKING: Raising legal age would be a failure

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson wants to raise the legal smoking age to 21 (Viewpoint, 2-15).

Millions of dollars were spent on the War on Drugs, and government says it was a failure. What Ferguson suggests will also be a failure.

I suggest a ban on all tobacco products. Australia banned smokeless tobacco in 1991 and is now working to ban all tobacco products.

I question the amount of money paid for health care of tobacco users. Ferguson said the cost is $384 million per year iRain Washington state. I do not believe any of this. We are told this

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SMOKING: Take responsibility for butt disposal

Another summer has passed. Another season of roadside brush fires, reported as “cause unknown,” is in my rear-view mirror.

I suspect many of the roadside brush fires are caused by careless motorists tossing lit cigarette butts out their window. I am all too familiar with cigarette butts littering the roadside, but I also am aware that cars are no longer equipped with ashtrays, and walkers do not have options for disposing of their cigarettes.

After a short search online, I found wonderful portable ashtrays designed to fit into vehicle cup holders. They are affordable, beautiful and some even light up

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TACOMA: State Farm isn’t my good neighbor

While the City of Tacoma may have welcomed State Farm to the former Frank Russell building, it may have neglected to offer some housekeeping rules to the new inhabitants.

If you wander down A Street, past 909, you will find an alleyway overflowing with discarded cigarette butts and other litter from State Farm employees. Apparently State Farm doesn’t think it needs to supply its workers with a smoking area or clean up after its employees who choose to smoke in the alley.

Some will remember the jingle, “And like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” State Farm is here

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LAKEWOOD: Cigarettes aren’t the real problem

As several recent letter writers have advocated for the Lakewood ban on smoking cigarettes in public parks, I offer something else to put in their pipes to smoke.

Every time I go to Fort Steilacoom Park, the air is so thick with car exhaust and wood smoke, I often think of cautioning joggers about running in such polluted air. They should be wearing gas masks. The respiratory problems caused by carbon dioxide and wood smoke particulates make the pollution caused by a few cigarettes almost negligible.

The park is bordered on one side by Pierce College, whose parking lots are

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LAKEWOOD: Make parks healthier, cleaner places

Next week the Lakewood City Council will consider the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board’s recommendation to ban tobacco products on park property. Now Lakewood has a tremendous opportunity to protect our youth and families from the dangerous health effects of tobacco use.

As a Lakewood resident and chair of the American Heart Association’s South Sound Division board of directors, I urge the Lakewood City Council to adopt the proposed code change to make our parks smoke-free.

Children and families go to parks to use playground equipment, engage in physical activity and enjoy fresh air. We should support and encourage these

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SMOKING: Ban would serve the greater good in Lakewood

Re: “Lakewood backs off ban on tobacco in parks” (TNT, 1-19).

A fundamental reason to have a city council is to serve the greater good for the community, in this case the people of Lakewood. If you agree with that, you would probably agree that having our parks smoke-free serves the greater good.

The fact that the Lakewood City Council has hinted that it might not pass a proposed ban is embarrassing. And that’s after the city’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Board unanimously recommended a ban on tobacco products on park property.

Similar bans were passed years ago in

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