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TACOMA: Pay increase would tax entrepreneurs

Increasing the minimum wage is prejudicial to small business owners. Small business owners are entrepreneurs and effective business managers. They make the right decisions to keep their businesses afloat, often in difficult times. They frequently make great personal sacrifices just to stay in business. These are remarkable individuals.

Saddling them with increase labor costs, via the proposal to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour in Tacoma, will cause their production cost to increase, thus causing these remarkable individuals to further demonstrate their business acumen and personal fortitude simply to remain in business.

No one should be forced to

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TACOMA: Paid leave action is anti-business

I have run a small business in Tacoma for almost 40 years. This sitting City Council is the only council in all those years that I would classify as anti-business.

It has, by admission of Councilmen Ryan Mello and Anders Ibsen, been working on a paid leave ordinance for more than two years. The small business community was apprised of the ordinance in November.

There has been a litany of anecdotal testimony before the council by citizens commiserating over the abuses by Fred Meyer, McDonald’s and Wal-Mart while exhorting the council to pass a generous paid leave ordinance. They apparently must think all

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ECONOMY: Solution is to help small business

Economic solutions don’t need to be “left” or “right.” Investing in entrepreneurs is the unexplored path to fiscal responsibility. Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of our economic future: hiring neighbors, building local community, modeling self-sufficiency.

The majority of American corporations consist of 10 or fewer employees. At the end of the day, they take home little to feed their families and are heavily taxed. They don’t get to send out letters pleading for tax-deductible donations.

Yet both left and right spurn them. Wall Street oligarchs wield near monopolistic power, owning our corporate government. They crush small businesses by controlling markets, suppressing

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PAY: Small businesses operate on the edge

Re: “$15 hourly wage will be a killer for many small businesses” (Your Voice, 4-24).

Bob Mandel articulated better than any professional journalist what a mandatory minimum wage of $15 would do to a small business.

Most people have no idea how close the margins are for any small business. He points out wisely that these jobs are not a final career destination. For most these are jobs in which they learn how to do a good job and what it takes to succeed. The work ethic they learn is applied first to succeeding in the training and education

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PAY: Many small businesses support raising minimum wage

Debate about raising the minimum wage is a hot topic, and the impact to small businesses is a sticking point in the argument. But what do real small businesses think about raising the wage? Small Business Majority asked in a scientific opinion poll and found 57 percent support increasing the federal minimum wage to $10.10.

Some have claimed that raising the minimum wage would strain small firms because they wouldn’t be able to afford to pay their workers more. However, more than half of small business owners agree increasing the minimum wage would not only help the economy, it would

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BUSINESS: START bill good for Washington

The state House of Representatives’ recent passage of the Save Toward a Retirement Today (START) bill is a step in the right direction for Washington’s small businesses and their workers. START would help small employers by giving them the option of creating a simple, state-managed retirement account for their employees and themselves.

Small Business Majority found a staggering 85 percent of small business owners believe Washingtonians will not have enough money saved for the future, and three-fourths think the state should do more to help workers prepare for retirement. That’s why two-thirds of our state’s entrepreneurs support the START bill.

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TACOMA: What’s really needed downtown

Re: “State Farm considering expansion in Tacoma?” (TNT, 1-21).

We spend a lot of time talking about supporting small local businesses here in Tacoma, and we hear a lot about the impact these businesses have on revitalizing downtown. I have friends who run small businesses, and I surely love supporting their businesses – eating and shopping locally.

But will we ever build a truly vibrant downtown Tacoma through small business? While I know many who will disagree, our time would be better spent if Tacoma spent as much time talking publicly about attracting major employers as we do about

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BUSINESS: Inslee’s focus on high-tech too narrow

Jay Inslee says, “My focus is job creation. I’m going to focus like a laser beam on the things a governor can do” to help small businesses.

The problem is he doesn’t understand small business unless it’s high-tech or union-driven. What about the guy who owns or wants to create a home-building, plumbing, HVAC or electrical company? Inslee’s focus is so narrow, he doesn’t know they exist. State agencies run amok, so the chances of them succeeding are slim.

Inslee says he’s interested in limiting taxes on small business until they make a profit. Oh, I forgot, that was only

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