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SIKHS: More awareness would be useful

Kudos to Ingrid Walker for her Your Voice article, “Coverage of Sikh temple rampage pales in comparison to Colorado killings” (TNT, 8-10).

Truly it is the less coverage that prompted a person from a white supremacist group to go on the killing spree and kill innocent people in the prayer hall. Had he known about Sikh community, maybe this may not have happened. Sikhs never tell anyone to convert and pray and respect for everyone. I hope The News Tribune and other newspapers provide good coverage in the future.

We have tried to convey the Sikh thoughts and bridge

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SHOOTING: Why focus on long-ago Army service?

I may be overly sensitive, but am continuing to see a disturbing trend in media. Although a horrible tragedy that deserves news attention, why in the world does the media think it is a journalistic imperative to associate the accused psychotic shooter of the Wisconsin Sikhs with the military?

In the very first reports, both live and in print, the shooter’s former military service was mentioned. This man spent only six years in the U.S. Army and his last day was 14 years ago. Just think of all the other more recent and salient “formers” this guy was, yet the

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