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SHOOTINGS: Social media can be ally against violence

Re: “Far more can be done to prevent school shootings” (TNT, 11-10).

Social media platforms are the new threats and suicide notes. Social media is one of the dominant ways that we as a society communicate to one another, and it’s time that we use this interface as more than just a tool for finding “the one” or a nearby restaurant.

The writer of this article points out what should be obvious.

By strengthening the social network around teens, we can increase the chances of preventing tragedies like the one that occurred at Marysville-Pilchuck High School. This first step

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SHOOTINGS: Make it easier to read about mayhem

Reading about the latest shootings in News Tribune articles, I think I’ve come across a great suggestion for your periodical.

Similar to real-estate “pull-outs,” consolidate all the day’s shootings (local, state and national) into a similar section for ease of reading. With the high frequency of such happenings in our country, this should be relatively simple to do. You could even create cross-referencing tables indicating kill rates for different brands of arms and ammo or shooting venues (school, post office, theater, etc.).

I’m sure the NRA would be very interested in advertising. Just a thought.


SHOOTINGS: Prescription drugs may be a key factor

After the horrific killings in Newtown, Conn., many have expressed compassion for the victims and their families, as we all should. Many have blamed various things for the incident: easy access to military-style weapons, combat-related video games and inadequate mental health services.

But few have noticed what may be a key factor in the rise of mass-killings in the past two decades – the unanticipated side-effects of mood-altering prescription drugs. Adam Lanza was reportedly taking Fanapt, the side effects of which could be (according to Drugs.com) aggression, delusion, hostility, impulse-control disorder, among others.

James Holmes, accused in the Aurora, Colo.,

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SHOOTINGS: Prosecute officer and wife as well

It is appalling to me the hypocrisy floating around the media regarding two separate incidents in which children were shot.

The first instance was the situation in Kitsap County where a young boy gained access to a weapon while at his mother’s house. This weapon was accidentally discharged at school, nearly killing the boy’s fellow classmate.

The media went crazy talking about how severely this mother should be punished for allowing access to a weapon that nearly killed a young girl, and I say rightfully so. The hypocrisy begins when, a little more than a week later, a Marysville police

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GUNS: Real problem is the flood of guns

In a 24-hour period, a third-grade student in Bremerton was shot by a handgun brought to class by another student and a state trooper was tragically murdered on state Route 16 during a routine traffic stop.

Media coverage of such events regularly, and pathetically, overlooks the elephant in the room: Where did the guns in these crimes come from?

How can the media cover events in our community when there are two gun-related injuries (one fatality) within a 24-hour period and not report on the obvious question: Where did the guns come from?

Why are there so many guns in

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