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SHOOTING: Reach out to troubled individuals

When I was a young adult, no one really thought too much about my daily struggles. Sure, my parents kept a roof over my head, fed me and generally cared, but with a hard-working stepfather and a mother who suffered from mental illness herself, I really didn’t have a lot of support when I found life too stressful to handle and spinning out of control.

I never thought about hurting others, but the hopelessness that comes from feeling alone and constantly being misunderstood can create thought patterns that months earlier seemed unimaginable. As you lose your self-worth, your perception of

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GUNS: Problem is not the weapon

A few days ago, a football player in a national league team shot and killed his girlfriend and then himself.

As usual, the liberals are using the tragedy to condemn gun ownership, and, as usual, they are blaming others for this man’s violence. They are even going as far as to blame others for gun violence in the entire black community, saying it is a conspiracy by the National Rifle Association.

The truth is, if the weapon were not a gun, it would have been a knife. If it weren’t a knife, it would have been a bat. If it

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MEDIA: Get fresh perspective on Trayvon Martin case

The News Tribune’s view of the Trayvon Martin case (editorial, 4-10) is sending the same message as so many other sensational media sources. If you really want a fresh perspective on this case, I suggest you read the Wall Street Journal’s April 5th article by Shelby Steele.  Steele is a black senior fellow at Stanford who eloquently labels this sad affair not as a white racist situation (remember the shooter is Hispanic) but instead an exploitation by the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

The civil rights community and the liberal media still provoke the public with the message

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MEDIA: What the Trayvon Martin case really tells us

Re: “What the Trayvon Martin case is telling us about ourselves” (editorial, 4-10).

The Trayvon Martin case also tells us a great deal about the media reporting it and almost nothing about us. We do not see any fair and unbiased reporting of facts. What we see is shrill hyperventilating and misleading reporting.

An NBC News producer has been fired after a misleading report on the Trayvon Martin case suggested that shooter George Zimmerman was racially motivated. The edited audio clip from a 911 call implied that Zimmerman, shot Martin because he was black. “This guy looks like he’s

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SHOOTING: I’ll give Zimmerman refuge

The man who shot the black 17-year-old – he says in self defense – will not get justice at the hands of the unjust ones (Obama’s Justice Department and the new Black Panther Party). So, he can come to my house and I will give him refuge.

It turns out George Zimmerman is a Democrat, Hispanic man, so the left-leaning ones cannot scream white racism or that the Republicans did it.

The Black Panthers have placed an unlawful bounty on the head of this man. Really? In America? Shame!

Silence from Obama about the bounty. Silence from the Justice Department.

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SHOOTING: Tragedy reflects broken mental health system

Some blame poor gun laws for the tragic shootings in Tucson. Others blame heated political rhetoric. I would suggest that we look at our broken mental health system which allows so many – like the suspected shooter – to fall through the cracks.

We need to make sure adequate mental health care is available to all who need it, and we need laws to make sure that those who need it, receive it.


SHOOTING: Illegal acts have consequences

Unfortunately, in the past week, several people lost their lives because they failed to cease threatening or illegal behavior. The headline, “Police shoot, kill man with knife” (TNT, 9-4), sensationalizes the death and vilifies the police. Why not “Refusing police safety instructions, man dies,” or “Knife wielder shot, killed.” Acts do have consequences.

Living in a civilized society requires taking responsibility for our actions. The newspaper could have helped remind us of this had it not waited until the third paragraph to say the suspect was brandishing a weapon and ignoring commands to drop it, or that bystanders were concerned

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