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ELECTION: Schlump has deep community roots

I will be voting for Shelly Schlumpf over Dawn Morrell for state representative in the 25th District based on their records.

Schlumpf’s understanding of our community comes from her deep involvement in it. Whether it’s the PTA, Daffodil Festival or our Farmers’ Market, she has strong roots in local causes. Her commitment to our community comes from her concern for its residents. She would take this passion to Olympia and represent us well in the Legislature.

Morrell may be a good person, but she has a bad voting record. For eight years, she voted for fiscally irresponsible budgets and to

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ELECTION: Schlumpf has experience state needs

Regarding your endorsement of Dawn Morrell (editorial, 10-15) for state representative in the 25th District, I have a different opinion. I am supporting Shelly Schlumpf.

While Morrell’s “Trust a Nurse” slogan is catchy, I would agree if the problems in Washington state were medical in nature. However, in my mind, the biggest issues in this state and the nation are financial.

History has proven that the key turnaround in every financial crisis was small business and the free enterprise system. Schlumpf not only is CEO of the Puyallup/Sumner Chamber of Commerce, but also has a history in the private

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