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ELECTION: Bunney has exercised bad judgment

As a Pierce County taxpayer, I have witnessed numerous actions by 31st District House candidate Shawn Bunney that were both irresponsible and inappropriate for an elected official.

In April, Bunney failed to notify the cities within his Pierce County Council district of pending legislation to form a flood-control district that would affect their budgets and bring a new tax to their residents.

I contacted the cities myself, and a dozen jurisdictions subsequently appealed the hastily enacted legislation. Did you know that your property taxes could increase another 50 cents per $1,000 assessed value under Bunney’s watch? He also reserved himself

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COUNTY: Council Republicans playing politics

The Pierce County Council passed a “tough on immigrants” resolution. What a joke!

This resolution talks tough and does nothing. Five Republicans voted for this and two Democrats voted against this do-nothing resolution. What a surprise that the two sponsors, Shawn Bunney and Dick Muri, are running for higher office. This is nothing more than a partisan trick to get votes for Republicans; it changes nothing, except maybe create division in the community.

The sponsors of this resolution keep emphasizing that this does not hurt business. That’s because it does not do anything. If it did impact business interests, they

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