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CPARK: Remarks reveal discriminatory attitude

Re: “Sexually assaulted girl awarded $754,000″ (TNT, 7-12).

Reading the repugnant remarks made by Clover Park School District’s attorney regarding the developmentally disabled girl, I was compelled to write.

The girl was awarded $754,000 for the sexual assault she endured at Lochburn Middle School. Attorney William Coats argued that the girl only deserved $50,000 because it was unlikely she would suffer as much as someone with normal cognitive abilities.

Really? This is how the district views the most vulnerable children? Disgusting.

Kudos to the jury. I hope the girl and her family can find some peace with this award.


‘FIFTY SHADES': Violence against women isn’t sexy

So “Fifty Shades of Grey” was the box-office winner this past weekend. But who are the losers?

The actress interviewed in Sunday’s TNT said the movie was “tasteful and artfully done.” I do not intend to see the movie, but I know the losers are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and there’s nothing tasteful or artful about it.

I am so proud of my 27-year-old friend who posted this on Facebook: “I have worked with women who are dating or married to a Christian Grey, I have filled out restraining orders with them, and some of them

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MILITARY: Officers untrained to deal with sex crimes

I witnessed U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer vote to move the prosecution of sexual assault crimes from the normal chain of command to trained investigators and watched in dismay as the amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act was voted down.

The primary reason cited for voting down this amendment was the need to maintain discipline within the normal chain of command. I wholeheartedly disagree.

I was a surface warfare officer aboard a Navy frigate from 2007 to 2009. As a junior officer in 2008, I managed the sailors responsible for launching helicopters, small boats and general operation of a ship

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AUBURN: Where’s outrage over corrupt officer?

Re: “Officer pleads guilty to inappropriate search” (TNT, 6-25).

An Auburn police officer has been allowed to plead guilty to a fourth-degree assault charge, get 80 hours of community service, turn in his badge and get a two-year suspended sentence? What did he do? He made a traffic stop, did not call it in on the radio or cellphone, kidnapped and sexually assaulted a young woman. He groped her while she was handcuffed and not under arrest in his car, then tried to elicit sex in exchange for not “busting” her.

We are talking about someone who should be

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MILITARY: Most assaults are male-on-male

A recent Department of Defense report estimated there were 26,000 cases of sexual assault in the military in 2012. This was an increase of 7,000 over 2011 numbers. This report caused several U.S. senators to conduct hearings on this outrage. To the best of my knowledge, these hearings are dealing solely with male-on-female assaults.

I have no issue with this call for hearings. The report, however, clearly stated that 14,000 of the estimated 26,000 cases cited involved male-on-male assaults. That accounts for more than 53 percent of the total estimated cases, yet little public attention seems to be paid to

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MILITARY: PC run amok on ‘sexual assault’

With all the brouhaha about sexual assaults in the military, and the ugly irony of a couple of anti-assault program managers being charged with sexual assault, it might be profitable to actually look at what this arose from.

The number of 26,000 assaults is being touted from the Senate on down. What too many people seem to have missed is that the Pentagon itself says that this is an estimate and is primarily based on an anonymous survey.

The Pentagon also estimates that only 10 percent of all sexual assaults get reported. One wonders at how they arrived at this

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MILITARY: Male power, privilege expressed in assaults

My fellow male, retired Maj. Gen. Robert Scales, just doesn’t get it. His otherwise thoughtful op-ed piece (TNT, 5-14) about the epidemic of sexual assault in the armed forces ignores and thus trivializes the critical issue: sexual violence against a fellow human being.

What is happening is not at all like some discomfort about the presence of blacks or gays in what was once an all-while, super-macho club. It is about assumed male privilege and power being expressed in the form of an attack upon another person’s body.

Unfortunately, such violence is not confined to the military. It is

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