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PREDATORS: Reconsider sentencing guidelines

Re: “Offenders choosing not to leave” (TNT, 8-24).

So child rapists are slapped on the wrist and released in Pierce County to do what? Quite likely to claim more victims. Since many of them are incorrigible, maybe it is well past time to reconsider sentencing procedures for them.

Shouldn’t the welfare of the public far outweigh their liberty to roam the streets? If I had my way, I would lock them up and deposit the keys in the deepest part of Commencement Bay.


PUYALLUP: Julie Door’s a sound choice for council

I have had the pleasure of knowing Julie Door for the past year. In that time I have found her to be a leader who will take charge of an issue and see it through to the end.

I have personally witnessed the entire Puyallup City Council, along with state Sen. Bruce Dammeier and state Reps. Hans Zeiger and Dawn Morrell openly commend Door on several occasions for her willingness to come forth and lead on the Shaw Road halfway house issue.

Thanks to Door’s countless trips to the state Capitol to testify and participate in the process with our

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PUYALLUP: Julie Door a strong voice for district

Decisive and independent, with a heart for service – this is how I describe my lifelong friend, Julie Door, a candidate for City Council in District 3.

Since our earliest days in school, she has been working to serve others and to strengthen her community. When we sold magazines to raise money for the PTA or wash cars for charity, she outworked all of us. This spirit of service continues.

For years, Door provided fundraising and event planning leadership to the Relay for Life event in Puyallup. As business owners, she and her husband partner with their clients to contribute

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JUDICIAL SYSTEM: Don’t let child rapist out

Re: “Rapist to get out for cancer treatment” (TNT, 3-14).

Former Buckley City Councilman Randy Reed, 55, convicted of raping a 7-year-old child and molesting two teenage girls, is sentenced to only one year in the county jail. Now he is being released six months early so he can receive cancer treatment.

For once, I am almost at a loss for words. What is this society coming to? We as responsible citizens can’t stand up and demand justice and protection for our children from child predators? Have we become so complacent for the concerns of someone that we don’t

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ABUSE: Hold teachers to a higher standard

I notice those teachers charged with crimes against children are getting off very easily in court.

Numerous cases show former teachers charged with sex crimes are given lighter sentences. One female teacher was originally charged with sexual misconduct with a minor but was able to plea down to fourth-degree assault. A male teacher was originally charged with first-degree rape but was able to get a a sentence of seven months in jail with three years as a registered sex offender.

These are two of several cases I know involving teacher misconduct in which the teacher did not get the same

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TACOMA: Ban housing for sex offenders

When the Tacoma City Council members look back in time, I wonder if they will be as concerned with Walmart as they are about sex offender housing popping up in the city at an alarming rate.

When the council heard about the possibility of Walmart coming to Central Tacoma, they enacted a temporary ban on such stores. Yet the city is taking in alarming numbers of convicted sex offenders in boarding house settings and doing nothing about it.

The council needs to put a temporary ban on these houses until policies can be developed in regards to them. It is

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PIERCE COUNTY: Don’t dump sex offenders here

I am perplexed as to why sex offenders who committed their heinous acts in counties other than Pierce are being relocated here, putting vulnerable women and children at a greater risk. Four out of six sex offenders profiled in The News Tribune (3-6,  3-8) committed their crimes in other counties.

Years ago I was the executive assistant to a five-member board co-chaired by John Ladenburg, then county executive. All members of that board agreed to make it very clear to the Department of Corrections that Pierce County did not want to be the dumping ground for offenders whose crimes were

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TACOMA: Sex offenders being dumped on Hilltop

My partner and I purchased a home on the Hilltop three years ago on a block that had seen much better, and much worse times. The last of the old crack houses was on the way out, and working families with children were buying homes. We have a community garden on our block, People’s Park with all of the playground equipment and several day cares operating in our neighborhood.

Imagine our dismay to find out that the old crack house was purchased by someone who would turn it into a boarding house for sex offenders!

Now, despite local TV coverage,

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