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CONGRESS: Patty Murray’s Viewpoint article misleads

The “Mom in Tennis Shoes,” Patty Murray, has become the “Senator in Tap Dance Shoes”. Her Viewpoint article (TNT, 7-19) seems to dance around some major facts.

• I was surprised at her admission that this spring the Senate passed the first budget in four years to deal with sequestration. What she failed to mention was that for the past four years it was the first time the Senate has passed a budget (an annual constitutional duty). The House of Representatives in each of the previous four years had passed a budget, sent it to the Senate, and had

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JOBS: Patty Murray’s empathy is misplaced

It was thoughtful of Sen. Patty Murray (Viewpoint, 7-19) to address and show concern for the 6,700 civilian employees of Joint Base Lewis-McChord who will be required to take one day per week without pay for 11 weeks due to the effects of the sequestration.

Murray cites the fact that they have mortgages, medical bills and families to feed and will be hard-pressed to endure the hardship of a 20 percent pay cut.

That’s all well and good, but I find it rather disturbing that she has yet to empathize with the more than 237,000 unemployed in her home

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FURLOUGHS: Disrespect isn’t limited to DOD employees

Re: “Defense personnel stripped of trust, faith and confidence” (TNT, 7-18).

The article by Mike Penland, a civilian employee at the Pentagon, illustrates the best and worst of the Defense Department in just a few paragraphs.

He cites some of the military’s core values and how most people work overtime to carry out the mission. Then he bemoans the discovery that those who work for the DOD are “nothing more than employees” because they face furloughs along with other federal workers.

In his mind, apparently, the people who collect the taxes to fund the military, the diplomats who save

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BUDGET: Failure reflected in both Washingtons

The day-to-day news coming out of Washington must be confusing to a lot of people, mainly not knowing which Washington the news is coming from.

What’s going on in the state of Washington is a mirror image of the ineptness going on in Washington, D.C. Senate Majority Leader turned quasi-Republican Rodney Tom appears to be aping the antics of D.C. politicians, struggling for power rather than doing the people’s business.

When bodies of elected officials have two years to put together a budget and fail, does that show they lack qualifications to lead? Most would agree that it goes without

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JBLM: Feeling pain of furloughs? Here’s an idea

Re: “There’s no need to cut back services” (letter, 6-14).

In response to the perceived cutback in services at Joint Base Lewis-McChord due to civilian workforce furloughs, keep in mind that our congressional leaders who are woefully inept yet somehow exempt from furlough have determined that the rest of the federal workforce needs to do their part to get us out of the mess they’ve gotten us into.

I’m confident that JBLM will not shut down any “needed” operations but 10,000 people removed from the workforce for one day a week won’t go without repercussions no matter how you

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JBLM: There’s no need to cut back services

Regarding the plans to force civilian workers at Joint Base Lewis-McChord to take unpaid days off due to budget cutbacks as a result of “sequestration” (TNT, 6-11), why have all of them off on the same day (Fridays), as proposed?

Why not have one-fifth of the workers off on Mondays, one-fifth on Tuesdays, etc. That way, no services are cut. Those working pick up the slack for those absent that day, sort of like the manning of “essential personnel” as is done on a snow or emergency day.

Those of us in the military have always done it this way

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LAWS: There’s no need for gender neutrality

Global warming, terrorism, sequestration, immigration, civil liberties, a state budget with no money to properly support education, road repairs, health care, child services, etc. With all these real problems I, a poor oppressed woman, need the government of Washington to use its time and scarce resources to redo all its myriad laws to make them “gender-neutral” (TNT, 4-23)?

In the words of an old comedic movie, “The Gods Must Be Crazy”!


SEQUESTER: Cuts won’t mean a lot of pain

If you listen to our intentionally deceptive national leadership you would think the sky was falling as sequestration kicks in. Millions will lose their jobs, airports will have to close, police officers and firefighters will be furloughed, children will go hungry, and we have to return our aircraft carriers to port.

Can’t anyone do the math? Our current federal spending is about $4 trillion per year. Sequestration will require a reduction of about $80 billion, or about a 2 percent reduction.

If your family brings in about $50,000 per year, that means a spending reduction of about $83 per month.

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