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CONGRESS: Members should sacrifice, too

Being that the U.S. Congress feels that the sequester is so good for the person on the street, I think Patty Murray should have gone a step further in her Viewpoint (TNT, 7-19).

She should have said for each member of Congress to support it a bit more, they would have one employee/aide take one day a week off without pay. Then to support it more, the member of Congress would take an immediate 20 percent salary cut each month through the end of September like the other folks are being made to do.


HEALTH: Retain funding for nurse-family program

The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department and Board of Health are faced with a loss of revenue from federal Title XIX administrative match funds, a loss that affects services to vulnerable families in our community.

One of the programs affected is the Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP). This program has the potential to transform generations of children and families by improving birth outcomes for first-time mothers and their children. The program also has long-term effects, including reduced crime and substance abuse.

A 2013 study, “Societal Return on Investment in NFP Services,” demonstrated that for youth served by the NFP, there was a 53

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SEQUESTER: Thanks, but does Kilmer have a plan?

Re: “Why Congress must replace across-the-board budget cuts” (Viewpoint, 3-19).

While Congressman Derek Kilmer did a fine job of reviewing concerns that many of us have with prospective sequestration cuts, he didn’t seem to do much beyond that, particularly in the way of offering plans or policies to address those concerns.

It is certainly comforting to know that the congressman views the current budget intransigence in the same manner we do, but I’d find it more comforting to know what he plans to do to about it.

I’m sure Kilmer is a good man who is trying to do

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SEQUESTER: Adjust to less spending and move on

Re: “Sequestration could cost state tens of millions” (TNT, 3-8).

Define “cuts could mean,” “cuts could cause” and “estimate potential job loss.” The state Department of Health, Department of Social and Health Services and Educational Service District 113 painted doom for thousands of people and laid blame but didn’t look at themselves for creating and catering to the problem.

Sounds like “Waaa, Waaa, gimme, gimme” instead of trim the fat and tighten the belt.

Which is it: The “people” will suffer with less aid and services (entitlements) or is it the department/employees get less? Give me a break.


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SEQUESTER: Self-interest vs. national interest

Re: “15,000 teachers at military schools will get furloughs” (TNT, 3-5).

The Defense Department’s planned furlough of schoolteachers in the face of sequester is disturbingly insensitive and in need of public review, particularly in light of national interests. With thousands of nuclear warheads, redundant weapons systems, a history of cost overruns and contractor fraud, the department chooses to compromise the future of children under its care.

In the same vein of national interests the Department of Transportation, when required to take a 2 percent reduction in its budget, singles out travelers at airports. National interests have become synonymous with

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SEQUESTER: Stop playing political games

Re: “Sequestration proves Obama didn’t break GOP” (TNT, 3-7).

Reading Byron York’s opinion piece, I was struck by how very important this conflict between the president and Congress has become. In York’s view, it is all about “winning” the battle. I was under the impression, until the last four years, that it was about governing.

This is not some contest, and it is not a gladiator match. It is about making government work. As a voter, I made my choice very clear last November, as did a majority of Americans. That is what democracy is all about. At some

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AIDS: We’re making inroads against AIDS, TB

The article regarding that Mississippi baby born with HIV but subsequently appearing cured is certainly exciting news (TNT, 3-5). Prevention, of course, is a tool we already have.

The most cost-effective HIV preventions are mother-to-child transmission intervention and male circumcision. Globally, one in every seven HIV infections occur when a mother passes the virus on to her child.

We know that early AIDS treatment reduces the occurrence of tuberculosis infection by 84 percent. This is critical, since TB is the biggest killer of people with HIV.

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria has accomplished amazing inroads

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SEQUESTER: Obama’s new ‘blame game’

President Obama blamed Bush, blamed Republicans, blamed Wall Street, blamed the tea party, blamed John Boehner and anybody who disagrees with his liberal agenda. He campaigns to spread his vision of “social justice” with fiery rhetoric.

It is becoming absurd and long-winded. He is losing credibility as a presidential leader. Never fear America, there is a new pulpit for Obama to preach his memorandum of the never-ending endeavor to prove his platform of big government and big spending.

The sequester issue is nothing more than a 2 percent reduction of government spending, which amounts to $85 billion carved from a

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