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ELECTION: Murray forces taxpayers to subsidize her campaign

As all you commuters are stuck on the closed down freeways forced to unwittingly add to global warming with your car exhaust this week in the Puget Sound area, consider this: The taxpayers are being forced to subsidize Patty Murray’s campaign.

It costs millions of dollars to fly VP Biden, former President Clinton, President Obama, and Mrs. Obama in Air Force One and Two and all the requisite support vehicles and helicopters, etc. It costs tremendous overtime for the police to subsidize the Secret Service presence and guard the locations that the VIPs will speak at. One of those locations,

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ELECTION: Senate race coverage ignores debt crisis

In all of The News Tribune’s extensive coverage of the Patty Murray-Dino Rossi Senate contest, readers have seen little or no reference to the looming debt crisis that will very likely bring us to our knees.

Riots consume France, Greece is on life support and Japan’s middle class is sinking, but Murray’s role in the unsustainable spending is treated as if nothing has changed.

This treatment would be fine if Washington, D.C., could continue to operate as it has and Murray’s ability to stand up for our state’s interest were all that mattered. Unfortunately, neither is true.
Your readers

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ELECTION: Rossi-Murray debate was revealing

I watched the debate that took place in Spokane Thursday. I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I have not paid much attention to Patty Murray during her years in Congress.

But watching the debate was alarming. It was like watching a smart-aleck ninth-grader (Dino Rossi), debating with a thoughtful college professor (Murray). He either avoided answering questions or gave short, one-line, sarcastic Tea party-type answers that indicated very little thought or understanding of issues.

Murray gave detailed answers that actually addressed questions and showed a lot of concern for the citizens of Washington state and her efforts to

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ELECTION: Murray votes for taxes and spending

During the 2009 Congress, 93 percent of Patty Murray’s votes supported increases in taxes, spending and regulations.

This analysis of congressional votes by the nonpartisan National Taxpayers Union labeled Murray a “Big Spender” and gave her a grade of “F.” A vote for Murray is a vote for ever increasing taxes and spending.


ELECTION: TNT wrong to endorse Murray

I am disappointed that you support re-election of Patty Murray in this economic recession (editorial, 10-10).

I don’t see the leadership you allude to. Rather, I see someone trained by the party to operate within their guidelines. I see a lap dog, standing at the shoulder of Harry Reid while the health-care reform bill was written by the few, read by fewer, understood by none, yet passed by many.

Why? Because of party pressure.

If voters do not come to grips with the fact that government has no money, earns no money, only takes our money, we will continue to

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ELECTION: Blame Murray? Here’s a suggestion

Re: “Murray can’t deliver deduction” (letter, 10-7).

If the writer believes Sen. Patty Murray should be replaced for her failure to make the sales tax deduction on our income taxes permanent, then one could reasonably expect that the eight Republican senators from the other states that also don’t have income taxes should also be replaced.

The Democrats might go for an eight-to-one deal like that.


ELECTION: Blame GOP, not Murray, for defeated sales tax deduction

The letter regarding Patty Murray being unable to deliver an extension on the sales tax deduction (TNT, 10-7) would be laughable if it weren’t so ludicrously illogical.

It was Murray who introduced the bill in the Senate to continue the sales tax deduction. It was the opposition from the “Party of NO” that defeated it.

The writer acknowledges how important this bill is to the citizens of Washington, yet his solution is to replace Murray with yet one more no-sayer. That’s a stunning acknowledgment that the Republicans, who say they want to retain current tax advantages, are only interested in

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ELECTION: Murray in no position to call Rossi uninformed

I know it’s called “silly season,” but Sen. Patty Murray calling anyone uninformed is ridiculous.

Is this the same Murray who in the months immediately following the tragic terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, told a group of schoolchildren, “Osama bin Laden is popular in poor countries because he helped pay for schools, roads and even day care centers. We haven’t done that”?

For the record, bin Laden didn’t do any of those things and the U.S. taxpayers give more money to poor countries then the rest of the world combined.

Is this the same Murray who was twice voted

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