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FRANCISCAN: Decisions about bottom lines

Re: “St. Joseph Medical Center sees informational picket” (TNT, 4-23).

When decisions about our health care are made in a corporate boardroom instead of in our community, we all lose. That’s why I’m so concerned about the recent actions by Franciscan Health System.

Franciscan Health Systems is not meeting our community needs. Under the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care, the Franciscans are ordered by their bishops not to provide needed reproductive and end-of-life services for our communities and may be required to deny needed care to the LGBTQ community.

Now we’re learning that they’re undercutting good

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LOBBYISTS: State agencies lobby the Legislature?

Re: “Lobbying tab $12.9 million – and counting” (TNT, 4-22).

I was not surprised to learn of the amount spent on lobbying our Legislature. I was not surprised that the top lobbying organizations are the Service Employees International Union, the Washington Education Association and the Washington Federation of State Employees. What really surprised me was the fact that state agencies are now lobbying the Legislature.

If the state treasurer can’t understand “some profound issues connected to education finance,” then perhaps we need a new treasurer. If the superintendent of public instruction has to hire a lobbyist to “preserve staff and

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I-1163: Measure only helps union, not families

Re: “Parents should be exempt” (letter, 10-28).

I thank the writer for stating the problem with SEIU and Initiative 1163. I also have a young adult child who experiences autism, and I also had to spend a perfectly fine Saturday attending “training,” at which I learned very little.

Additionally, we have family and close friends who are willing to provide care and for which they, quite reasonably, wish to be compensated, but the current training requirements discourage their enrollment. The difficulty will be compounded if I-1163 passes.

I-1163 does not address the shortage of compassionate care providers. These care

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I-1163: Parents should be exempt

My 19 year old with autism requires constant supervision and a high level of personal care. My husband and I have successfully cared for him his entire life. The SEIU, however, thinks they should be paid to “train” me.

I completed the 12 required hours, and learned nothing. The SEIU takes three percent of my pay and has forced me to make a “voluntary” deduction to pay for the I-1163 campaign. When I asked them to stop deducting it, I was told I had no choice.

Under I-1163, the SEIU will require even more hours of training for parents, which

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I-1163: Measure crafted for union, not the disabled

PAS-Port for Change is a statewide, grass-roots organization that seeks to improve the quality, reliability and availability of personal assistance services in Washington state.

PAS-Port says no on Initiative I-1163.

Proponents of I-1163 claim it provides improved, sufficient, appropriate training for in-home service workers. The Department of Social and Health Services supposedly will absorb the administrative costs and personnel requirements for that training.

In reality, I-1163 proposes unfunded changes to background checks. It institutes unfunded fraud investigations, extensive unfunded training requirements and unfunded audits. I-1163 adds another level of bureaucracy to oversee and track worker training with no accountability to,

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