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ELECTION: Sam Reed endorses Kim Wyman

Kim Wyman deserves the support of Pierce County voters for secretary of state. I know Kim Wyman well, trust her and strongly endorse her.

The next secretary of sate must have the knowledge and heft of experience to run one of the nation’s most highly regarded elections offices. She also must win the trust of all Washingtonians, regardless of party affiliation, that in a close call, politics won’t come into play.

Wyman has a 21-year record of nonpartisanship, experience and professionalism. As Thurston County auditor, she has inspired confidence in both Democrats and Republicans – winning her last election with

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ELECTION: Kastama shows independence, integrity

Voters claim to want candidates who have known careers with incidents of independence and integrity on display, that know the business of the office for which they want to be elected, and are not overly partisan. Voters have that opportunity.

Lastly, voters hate any time when one party has a dominance of a particular political position. The secretary of state has been in Republican hands for nearly 50 years. It is time for a change.

All of the above voter considerations can be met with a single vote in the race for secretary of state. The candidate is state Sen.

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ELECTION: Kastama’s best for secretary of state

Thank you for your endorsement of state Sen. Jim Kastama in his bid for the secretary of state position in the Aug. 7 primary election (editorial, 7-6). He is highly qualified for this position by virtue of his 16 years of strong legislative leadership and experience.

There is much more to the job than supervising elections, voter registrations and ballot initiatives. The secretary of state is frequently called upon to represent the state in international trade and cultural missions. He also greets and confers with dignitaries and delegations from other countries. As chair of the state Economic Development, Trade

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